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Hand Sanitizer Keeps You Away from Germs and Bacteria

We use our hands to do multiple things in a day such as lifting things, driving a car, using computers, etc. However, they can be a way of germs transmission into our eyes, mouth, and ears. Here a hand sanitizer can solve the problem by killing germs and bacteria. It contains isopropyl alcohol which removes germs and ensures our hands are safe.

You might wonder when we have soap and water to wash our hands why there is a need for sanitizer. Well, you are right we can use both things whenever we want to clean our hands. Sometimes, we are far away from home having no access to soap and water.

Uncleaned hands can cause multiple diseases such as diarrhea and other infections. Therefore, it is essential for us to clean our hands with sanitizer helps us.

The use of sanitizers was not mandatory if we go a few years back. It was only used in some sensitive areas such as health facilities, medical centers, and operation theaters. In 2019 when COVID-19 prevailed and business activities were shut down. People were asked to sit down at home avoid interaction and use a hand sanitizer to ensure their hands are cleaned.

According to health experts, covid could spread because of physical interaction. This means if we are touching someone, we might be the reason for COVID for him/her. That’s why it was instructed to avoid the interaction at maximum level to ensure everyone remains safe.

Covid-19 had passed and things are back to normal as everyone is free to go out. However, still, the use of sanitizer is mandatory to remain healthy and convey a message to promote healthy living.

Uses of a Hand Sanitizer

One can use hand sanitizers anywhere such as in school, college, universities, gym clubs’ offices and etc. Although (The Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Suggests we should use soap and water to clean our hands. As they are a convenient solution to ensure our hands do not carry any germs.

However, no one remains in the home all day, he needs to go outside to complete his daily duties. For instance, if you are a student you have to visit your school, college or university. You cannot stay home all day and study yourself. You need to go and attend classes to pass your semester and move to the next level.

Once you reach your institution you will find other students sitting with you. In case your hands are not clean you might be the cause of diseases spread. Now you can’t carry a whole bucket of water and soap along with you to clean your hands.

However, you can carry sanitizer in your pocket and use it anytime in class to clean your hands. This way you will remain safe and your soundings will get a message that safety is a priority.

If you are a fitness freak who wants to gain muscles and attain a lean physique. You are also on the verge of diseases when your hands are not cleaned. Washing hands with soap and water is a great idea but you cannot have access to them all time.

Therefore, hand sanitizer is a great idea especially when you are far from home.  Usually, gym clubs often have sanitizers at entrances to ensure that every individual is coming with clean and bacteria-free hands.

Hand sanitizer


There are multiple benefits of a sanitizer such as it contains Isopropyl Alcohol which cleans your hands by removing germs and bacteria. Below we are going to discuss its advantages in detail

Promotes Healthy Living

Everyone deserves to live a healthy life and ensures cleanliness. However, often you are not in a position to clean your hands with soap and water. Here you can use a sanitizer to keep your hands free from germs. For instance, you have to prepare for a motivational lecture in the university. You will not carry a water bottle and pack of soap just to wash your hands.

On the other hand, a sanitizer can help you in this regard by allowing an opportunity to instantly clean your hands. When you get your sanitizer out through a lecture and rub it over your hands you are actually sending a message about living a healthy life.

Easy to Carry

When it comes to cleaning your hand soap and water is the best thing. whereas, you might not want to take them with you while you are on the journey. A hand sanitizer can help you in this regard as it comes in pocket-size bottles that fit easily in your pockets. Suppose you have to go on a travel and there is a risk of germs as well.

You can reduce the risk by using a sanitizer in the way to ensure that your hands are clean and germ-free. On the other hand, if you are going to a public setting to meet your friends. The use of sanitizer becomes necessary as physical interaction can cause germs to spread.

Especially in the winter season when there are strong chances of flu and cough. You can take sanitizer along with you everywhere to get rid of such problems.


With the increasing benefit of sanitizer, there is also a discussion about whether it is safe for your health or not. According to health care, expert sanitizer contains isopropyl alcohol which can kill the germ and dries your skin as well. When your hands are dry the germ can attack again leading to serious diseases. That is why we should not be using anything other than soap and water to wash our hands.

After such reservations, the manufacturers have started using a moisturizing formula that ensures your hand remains moisturized. Earlier in sep-19, the sanitizers were produced so urgently that CDC could not keep a check on production because of urgent requirements.

However, things are back under control and every sanitizer has to pass through a strict quality check before landing on the market. Quality assurance helps the public to use sanitizers with confidence. Whereas, it is necessary to seek the advice of your health care expert before using sanitizer of any brand.

Who Cannot User a Sanitizer

Whether you are a teenager or an adult you can use sanitizer to clean your hands and remain healthy. Whereas, if you are having some kind of allergy or using medicines for any diseases. You should not be using sanitizer without the prior permission of your health care professional.

Sanitizer contains alcohol which is not good for your health especially when you are fighting another disease. Therefore, call for an appointment with your doctor and let him evaluate your health before using sanitizers.

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