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Erotic Audio Stories

Everyone has a favorite way to get sexy, fantasize, and keep it interesting. Others like the excitement of reading erotica. If you like blogs or audiobooks, you might like audio erotica. Porn is a go-to for many.

Audio erotica is sexually explicit audio entertainment, usually told stories with all the sounds and noises of porn. These days, everything you need is your smartphone’s speaker—or headphones—to indulge in an audio dream.

When you listen only to sounds, your imagination can fill in the blanks without a screen or unreliable actors. Not for nothing there are many sites of more female-friendly or Erotic Audio Stories for women than the common porn platform and share many ethical porn values.

Arousing content for individuals and couples is not limited to pornography. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to porn or are just curious about what audio erotica has to offer, any of these websites or applications may surprise you.

Imagination reigns supreme when listening to audio porn, which is a newer kind of erotica. The audio-only pornography you’ll find lists which often focuses on stories about women and LGBT people. These stories, often the product of lone sex workers and lone sex bloggers, are free. These two groups have traditionally been marginalized in traditional video porn to favor the male gaze.

In the future, listening to spicy audio is going to be your favorite steamy pleasure. Teens in Generation Z have been exposed to sleazy literature through sites like and Wattpad, and they’re continuing the trend with #booktok. According to the Audio Publishers Association, sales of audiobooks have multiplied in recent years. As a result, this pornographic format is like a confluence of these current fads. Sexy stories are read aloud, masturbation is supervised, and more are all part of the experience.

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