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Dress Code for IAS Interview: For Men and Women

The UPSC Interview is the last step of the civil service examination, so only a small number of people are selected. Because the competitiveness is so strong, applicants for the IAS Interview should be well-versed in the finer points of the personality exam. The Dress Code is one such feature. As a result, this blog will give you information about the UPSC Interview dress code that you really should be aware of.


When taking the IAS exam personality test, there are certain factors to keep in mind. Candidates might study UPSC interview information to learn more about the dress code. You should demonstrate a dynamic mental fortitude and the capacity to work with ideas and concepts in addition to your conceptual understanding, logical talents, and reasoning. People are judging you based on what you speak, how you speak it, how you behave yourself when you respond, and, clearly put, who they believe you are, not just on your written responses. You must be able to persuade the board members with your whole personality.

Before moving further, if you are new to UPSC, then let me tell you that UPSC is one of the most challenging exams in India. You need consistency, determination, and correct guidance to clear the exam. You can join good coaching for UPSC preparation. There are many coaching institutes available in the market, but The Thought Tree is the best IAS coaching in Jaipur because they provide mentorship to their students along with all other facilities.

Why is Dress Code Important?

What you dress during your IAS interview is important because the dress code tells a lot about you even before you speak anything. It is part of the human condition to establish an opinion about a person solely based on their appearance. As a result, you must dress appropriately for the UPSC personality exam. Continue reading to learn more about the dress code for IAS Interview.

Dress Code for IAS Interview for Men

1. Suits

Dressing in a suit for the IAS personality test is voluntary. Although it gives you more confidence and helps you appear more professional, it is entirely up to you to purchase one.

2. Shirts and Pants

A white or light blue professional, simple shirt would suffice. However, the light blue hue is the most common among candidates who take tests, and it is the most commonly worn formal shirt among individuals. The alternative option is to wear a light red, light yellow, or any other light-colored shirt, although most individuals do not do so because the hue of the shirt goes towards pink. However, if you wear the shirt to your interview, you will stand out from the crowd.

You must always wear dark trousers with white or light shirts without a doubt. Most people wearing formal attire, navy hue pants are a basic and universal choice. Apart from that, you may pair these trousers with any light-colored top. However, always choose high-quality clothing since the fabric doesn’t fade as quickly as cheaper clothing. Black is among the most famous textile fabrics since it is appropriate for every event, and when it comes to pants, it will be the most popular hue. The pair of pants, like the navy, can be worn with any shirt colour and is ideal for everyday wear. 

Dress Code for IAS Interview for Women

Women can dress in traditional attire such as a saree, which is suggested, but if you are not comfortable with all of that, a salwar suit with little jewelry and make-up can suffice. A saree or suit is appropriate as it appears professional rather than party-like. Choose light-colored clothing with a basic pattern.


When selecting shoes and socks, make sure they complement each other. Socks should be dark in the shade if possible. It is suggested that you wear a leather belt and shoes, and women can wear simple chappals that go with the dress.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  • Even if you wear rings daily, avoid them. 
  • Avoid having long manicured nails and wearing too much jewelry, such as a lot of bracelets.
  • At the start of the interview, avoid wearing rings with stones. 
  • If you need to carry a handbag, it should be modest and stylish, as you may be needed to carry your portfolios to store your necessary paperwork. 
  • Your hairstyle should be appropriate for your work and not overly trendy.

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Things to Avoid While Going for an IAS Interview

  • Strong fragrances should be avoided. Also, keep your body odor to a minimum.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry that is too pricey or too dazzling.
  • Wearing chappals, shoes, or flip-flops is not permitted.
  • Avoid wearing brightly colored clothing.
  • Avoid wearing dress that is too large or too small. Wearing the proper size will make you look professional.
  • Avoid having a beard and lengthy hair, especially if you’re a man.
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