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Do you want to upgrade your tyres to a higher-performance variant?

Performance tyres are perfect for you if you have a passion for high speeds and racing automobiles. They maintain their steadiness and provide superior braking even while travelling at incredible velocities. They have excellent handling smoothness as well as an unrivalled steering reaction, whether the road is dry or rainy. Performance tyres are becoming quite prominent in the UK because of these characteristics. We are the place where you can come to stop your hunt for the most effective Bridgestone Tyres Middlesbrough. We are a retailer of tyres made by the industry’s most recognisable manufacturers.

The many positive aspects of high-performance automobile tyres

There are several advantages to using performance tyres, including the following:


It plays an important role in the overall functioning of your automobile. Without the requisite reactivity, many of the car’s functions may not react in the best possible way. Because of the performance measurements, these tyres have great grip and can respond precisely and quickly to any inputs that you give them.

The process of handling as well as the distribution of heat

When travelling at high speeds, superior-grade rubber compositions keep their sidewalls, which reduces the amount of heat generated. As a result, they provide exceptional stability as well as steering reaction. In addition to this, the rubber component renders them more resistant to deterioration over time. They have a lower risk of suffering from a tyre rupture.

Low aspect ratio

The fact that performance tyres have a lower aspect ratio suggests that their one-of-a-kind profile width structure provides outstanding grip and precise steering even when the vehicle is being driven at high velocities.

Tyres with the highest levels of performance are available here at our shop.

It is common knowledge that our tyres provide an exceptional level of riding pleasure. They have a lower overall environmental impact and superior performance when it comes to driving. The superb traction provided by these tyres, both when dry and when wet, more than matches the purchase cost. Even while travelling at incredible velocities, the tyre maintains its efficiency thanks to the deep tread design. This involves having exceptional grip and accuracy while turning corners.

Please get in touch with us if you want assistance determining which high-performance automobile tyres to purchase.

The tyres we sell all include industry-standard tyre labelling.

Are you in need of labelling for your car’s tyres?

Learning about your tyres and purchasing the relevant option is now simpler than it has ever been. Tyre Labelling states that each new tyre within Europe must have certain specifications. The rule intends to improve both the security of and the environment’s capacity for road transportation. It encourages the use of fuel-efficient tyres that are also safe. Customers may make better-informed purchases thanks to the categorization and evaluation of tyres.

Keeping all of these considerations in mind, we make it a point to adhere to the EU Tyre Labeling in every tyre that we sell. In addition to offering comprehensive auto maintenance, we also sell tyres manufactured by well-known companies. We give it all to your specifications while staying well under your financial means.

Find out what’s on the European Union’s label.

The labelling on the tyres incorporates various symbols that are easy to comprehend and provide extra details on the 3 most important components of the functioning of the tyres.

Wet grip

It is very necessary to have a firm hold among the surfaces to drive securely in rainy situations. This wet grip has become available with an alphabet grading ranging from A to E. On slick pavement, the vehicle with the highest possible A rating has the lowest stopping time. The E class unit has the least effective braking force of any level.

When comparing an E-class vehicle to an A-class vehicle with four similar tyres, there is often a variation of up to 30 per cent in the amount of time needed to come to a complete stop. Because of this, those who specialise in tyres recommend that you go for a tyre that has a greater level of wet grip.

Fuel efficiency

This feature pertains to the amount of resistance that a tyre has as it rolls. In addition, the metric has a grading system that includes the characters A through E. If you get tyres with an A grade instead of a D or E grading tire, you will see a reduction in the amount of money you spend on gasoline. According to the statistics, the amount of gasoline used goes up by around 0.1 litres per 100 kilometres travelled.

Noise Level

The decibel reading represents the amount of audible road noise created by the tyre as it rolls. Before the year 2021, soundbar notation was in use to indicate the noise levels of a tyre. It was strongly suggested that you go with a tyre that has fewer bars. The current notation for it uses the letters A through C. If the marking has an A grade, it indicates that the tyre produces the least amount of noise. It varies between 67 and 71 decibels. On the other hand, a tyre with a C marking is the noisiest.

Additional changes to the labels on EU tyres

  • Every tyre contains a QR tag that connects to the EU registry EPREL. You can run a check on it if you need specific data or confirmation needs.
  • The presence of the 3PMSF emblem on tyre labelling guarantees greater ice safety as well as better protection.
  • These winter tyres from Nordic currently feature a unique branding that looks like an ice stalagmite.

Do you nonetheless have concerns?

You may acquire your fitting of European Tyre label-compliant Tyres Middlesbrough from major suppliers at budget costs by visiting our webpage.

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