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Discovering Your Bright Future with Student Visa Australia

Australia is a favorite study destination for students around the world. The country has student-friendly visa policies to get study in Australia with globally recognized top universities of Australia. It gives students a chance to experience a multicultural and wonderful student-friendly environment.


Some of the criteria and requirements are there that every student must fulfill before entering or asking for a student visa in Australia. Make sure you read all documents and requirements to make sure get the visa application approved. A single missing document or unable to fulfill requirements is enough to break your dream of studying in Australia. Explained below is the information on the Australia student visa requirements.


Enrollment In A Full-Time Course

Immigration Australia requires the applicant to enroll in a full-time study course. That must be registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. An applicant from outside Australia requires confirmation of enrollment (CoE) for the study along with your application.

An applicant can apply for two or even more courses at the same time with a student visa. The courses must lead to the next and the gap between the two courses must be for less than two calendar months. You can choose to apply for the courses in a way that one course is ended at the one academic year and another commences at the start of the next academic year.


  • When you are applying for the one course or more than need to include all CoE codes along with your application form: Neglecting the same will cover the provided CoE.
  • Many students prefer not to provide the CoE codes in the application form the chances of qualifying your application go low.


Financial Status

Having financial status does not mean that you have a wealthy bank balance this is to ensure that along with paying for your course you have enough money to pay for your essential living in Australia. This is required to ensure you can support yourself financially during your studies. so get yourself covered with:

  • Travel to Australia
  • Course fee ( for making payment for 12 months) or prorate fees 9 when the course duration is less than a year)
  • Pay for the cost of living for a year. Money should be enough for you and family members if they are joining you
  • School fees for school-going children if accompanying you


You need to submit the evidence to support your financial status, and for that, you can provide:

  • Deposited money
  • Loan papers ( if the loan is taken from the government or any financial institutions)
  • The annual income of the parents or partner
  • Any scholarships evidence if there for your financial support

When you want to know how much money you will need to support yourself financially. Ensure you made the cost estimation.


Satisfactory Health Insurance

Australian student visa stipulates that the applicant must have an overseas student Health Cover (OSHC) from the Australian approved provider valid at the time you are staying in Australia. The insurance must start on the day you will land in Australia and is not related to the course’s duration. So, before coming to Australia make sure you have ample coverage.


Genuine Temporary Entrant

Submit the proof showing that you are coming to Australia for studies and you have intentions to return home. The genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirements apply to students when they complete their studies in Australia and go to their homes. You are an exception if after completing your studies in Australia, you developed the skills in Australia and got hired based on that and are eligible to apply for permanent residence.


Meet The Language, Health, And Character Requirements

Similar to visa application to Australia, the applicant o the student visa in Australia has to complete the English Language, character, and health criteria before entering Australia.



Studying in Australia is dream come true for many students. If you are applying for a student visa in Australia then follow some requirements listed above. So, make sure you fulfill the same to make sure your application gets approved. In case of any confusion or if found the process difficult then the Education Embassy is available to help you. We are leading migration agents in Australia to help you throughout the application process. We are MARA (Migration Agent Registration Authority) registered migration agents who help you know the migration process overseas. We understand that leaving a comfortable space and moving to a new place is challenging, and our advisors offer you the most crystal clear and smooth process according to your needs. Our visa consultants will assess your current situation and provide you with detailed consultation including suitable and possible choices. We will keep engaged with the application progress at every stage, provide your regular updates, and offers the desired outcome. For more information, you can contact us today!

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