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Different TechStack Utilized For Onlyfans Clone App Development

Onlyfans can be elucidated as a social media platform where people can sell their creative talents. This service allows fans to watch these creatives for a stipulated subscription fee. The exclusive enchanting element of this platform is that it doesn’t have any rules and restrictions relating to the published content. Everyone is free to publish content of any type.

Since the inception of Onlyfans in 2016, the site has paid over $600 million to creators. Creators can provide content for their fans after paying a subscription amount ranging from $4.99 to $49.99 per month ( Onlyfans receive 20% commission). They may also have free pages where they then charge fans to access the pay-per-view content (PPV) content.

Features of a Subscription-based Social Media App Like OnlyFans

There are myriads of features that are possessed by the Onlyfans app which are useful for both creators and fans, and these are getting upgraded as the years go by. Below provided is the list of main features.

User Profile Features

  • User Profile

Users should be provided with an opportunity to sign in to the app fast with the core information

  • Discover Creator Profiles

The users should be able to search for their intended profiles and select the profiles they prefer.

  • Chat

Implementing the chat feature is an important aspect so that people will be able to communicate with the creators.

  • Purchase Content

Customers have the opportunity to ask for exclusive content like birthday wishes, anniversary quotes, etc or to buy an already existing creator profile content.

  • Suggestions

Based on the user’s interests, the app should make custom recommendations to people.

  • Notifications

Notifications will be provided for the customers about any major updates or any important information.

  • Payment

To make the user experience flawless and seamless several payment options are essential.

Content Creator Profile Features

  • Creator Profile

Content creators sign up in the app with the basic details of the content that they want to create.

  • Subscription Plans

To give the subscribers limitless access creators should have the opportunity to create custom subscription plans.

  • Share Content

Creators can share photos or videos as per the subscriber’s request.

  • Receive Payment

Content creators can directly receive the payments from the users after a minimum commission deduction by the platform.

  • Interaction

For the creators, it is possible to communicate with the users either over chats or one-to-one calls. Thus, it is another way to earn money.

  • Request Status

Content creators can see all the requests from their followers and their status.

Admin Profile Features

  • Manage User Profiles

The administrator possesses direct access to each user profile. Thus they can remove any content creator if they don’t comply with the app’s rules.

  • Manage Creator Profiles

The administrator is vested with the task of accepting or rejecting the content creator’s requests to join the application.

  • Set Commission Percentage

The admin has the power to fix the percentage of commission for the platform by considering several factors.

  • View Payments

All payment details are processed and presented for the administrator’s view.

  • Manage Advertisements

Admins can promote other projects and make income by adding promotional ads on the platform.

  • Manage Alerts

The notifications shared with customers should be managed by the admin.

This is all about some of the significant features that are bestowed by the Onlyfans app in different aspects. Now let’s see the tech stack used behind the development of the Onlyfans app.

Technology Stack

Programming Language- Kotlin, Node.js, Swift

Frameworks- Flutter, jQuery, SocketCluster

Database- MySQL

Cloud Solutions- Amazon Web Services (AWS ), Google Cloud Platform

Now let’s see the inevitable procedures for creating an app like Onlyfans

  • Business Analysis

A potential business analyst has to be aware of the future risks and how to avoid them, scrutinize the advancements in development, and bring the project to a high level of return on investment vehemently after its establishment.

  • Design and Development

The design is what directly impresses the consumers and their further desire to return, hence it is always advisable to make everything in a fashionable way that can captivate everyone. Creating a basic style is the first step, after that develop details like authorization form, profile management, chat payments, settings, management, accounts, posts, etc.

  • Front-end Development

It is the achievement of the development team that has spent a lot of time in looking the platform simple yet attractive. Their joint effort combines design, performance, and functionality. When planning functionality

  • Back-end Development

Back-end development needs special attention to detail and remarkable developer skills. The core functionality consists of setting up the environment, project initiation, database architecture and design, preparation for deployment, authorization, subscription/unsubscription, blocking of users, profile management, notifications, payments, integration with the payment system, wallets, commission, etc.

  • Testing

A large project like Onlyfans requires several tests at all stages of its implementation to eliminate bugs and create an awesome user experience.

  • Deployment

The next step is to deploy the app on the server and establish it to the major app platforms.

  • Support

A development company to support and update the project after its launch.


This article can give you enough information about the tech stack used in Onlyfans development, its methods, and the advantages it offers to users, authors, and administrators if you are seriously interested in creating an Onlyfans clone software.


Hey, my name is Joey and I am a digital strategist, marketing technologist, and full-stack developer.
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