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Difference Between AngularJS and ReactJS


AngularJS is a free-to-use JavaScript structure that is useful to create a dynamic web application. It is based on HTML and JavaScript and is also useful for creating a Single Page Application. In this post, we will discuss two prominent front-end development structures like Angular and React. If you are looking to enhance your skill in this field then you must join AngularJS Training Institute in Gurgaonthey will help you to get all the information about this course.

What is AngularJS?

Angular is a by-product platform made on the typescript. This structure is a module-based structure for creating scalable web apps. It has a group of well-combined libraries and configurations like client-server communication, routing, and more. It has also many developer tools to create and rise projects from single-developer size to enterprise-grade applications. This framework frequently updates their technology with its most delinquent developments guided by the Angular team.

What is React?

React is a free-to-use JavaScript library operated for frontend growth. We can use it to create a user interface or UI components. It is component-based and declarative features that allow creators to develop interactive and difficult UIs comfortably. With the help of React, developers can make quick and scalable apps for all platforms. Facebook and individual developer community manage React.

Basic Comparison Between Angular and React:

Angular is a JavaScript structure made operating Typescript, on the other hand, React is a JavaScript library made using JSX. Angular is useful to create difficult enterprise-grade apps like single-page apps and developed web apps. Whereas, React is useful to create UI components in any app with often irregular data. Angular’s learning curve is steeper because it has many in-built functions while ReactJS has a smaller package size. Angular is ideal for creating a highly active and interactive web application. On the other hand, ReactJS is a large web application with continuous variable data. AngularJS has two-way data binding feature whereas ReactJS has only a one-way data-binding feature.

Features of AngularJS:

  • Built-in reinforcement for AJAX, HTTP, and Observables are a few of AngularJS highlights. There is general help in society.
  • In line with present technologies
  • Typescript is a time-saver.
  • Coding that is more precise and straightforward
  • It helps to enhance Error-handling assistance.
  • Angular CLI permits seamless updates.
  • Assurance and forms
  • Local CSS / shadow DOM
  • Partition of UI and Business Logic

Features of ReactJS:

  • Its key features contain the capacity to utilize third-party libraries.
  • It is also a Time-Saving structure
  • Composability and Clarity
  • Facebook is fully after you.
  • Enhance user knowledge and lightning-fast speed.
  • More quick development
  • One-directional data binding supplies code composure.
  • There are many components in this structure.

Advantages of using AngularJS: 

Easy Decision Making-: As we know it is a complete MVC framework, it gives opinions and functionalities out of the box. This framework allows you to get started fast without feeling threatened by decision-making.

Component structure-: AngularJS developed from a framework to a medium. You can easily use it with other components. You can execute some additional functionality in the form of components that perform it perfectly.

Developing Environment-: You can select your preferred environment for creating applications by AngularJS loyal development team. Most of the developers use typescript from where you are free to use JavaScript or Dart.

Advantages of ReactJS:

SEO Friendly-: This JavaScript structure does a great job to react toward SEO. We don’t need to use another way to run this JavaScript on the server where it will render and return to your browser as a regular web page.

JSX-: It is an HTML syntax that is put together to JavaScript. The code completion provides you a helping hand as you type references to your components.

Great User Interface-: React Native is much more concentrated on a user interface compared to AngularJS. It provides users highly responsive interface with the help of JavaScript.


Further, we have discussed the difference between AngularJS and ReactJS on a different platform. These frameworks are having very slight differences. If you are friendly to SEO then ReactJS is favorable for you. Whereas AngularJS gives you easy development and testing. So, after knowing all the advantages and features of AngularJS if you are looking to enhance your career in this field, then join AngularJS Training in Delhi from where you will get complete knowledge about this course.


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