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Custom Takeaway Cup Holders packaging boxes


Coffee and tea are the essentials in the morning for almost every United Kingdom. People begin their day by having a cup of tea or coffee. People who run late grab a cup and have it on their way to work. In short, it helps them during their day. You have these beverages either at home or at cafe.

If you run late or during lunch break you have them inside disposable cups. These disposable cups are beautifully printed and made so that the person having the beverage remembers the place he or she got it from.

Just as is the case with these disposable cups, the same go for the takeaway cup holders.

Now, what are these takeaway cup holders? Takeaway cup holders are meant to carry single or multiple disposable cups. These are used to carry tea or coffee cups that are hot to touch or carry. Maybe people might want to carry multiple cups for friends or colleagues. So, they don’t have to carry the cups one by one.

Therefore, making it easy to carry these multiple cups with a single hold. At first, people thought they did not look very nice but with time as every café and bakery started using them things have quite been peaceful.

Keeping the introduction short, let us discuss in detail takeaway cup holders and how they benefit the brands as well as the customers. But first, we will discuss the qualities a takeaway cup holder should have.

Qualities of A Takeaway Cup Holder

Choice of Materials

When it comes to choosing a material for the manufacturing of takeaway cup holders’ brands can have a little confusion. This is because of the availability of so many choices. We are here to guide you so you don’t need to worry at all.

When having to make takeaway cup holders the following materials can be used for manufacturing

Corrugated: Strong and Sturdy

Cardboard: Also strong but is most commonly used because of its plain texture

Kraft: Eco-friendly and used as a multiple cup carrier

Paper Pulp: Recyclable and is used as a tray to carry multiple cups

Style Of the Takeaway Cup Holder

Different types of styles for takeaway cup holders can be used. These cup holders are not only used to provide customers with a beverage but can also be used to carry cups at the back by using a dispenser style with a lower opening and taking out one cup after another.

Another style that can be adopted is the display style. It’s like a big tray with multiple inserts to place different cups inside.

Besides that, you can make the holder seal end or tuck the end at the bottom as well.

Different Shapes

There are a lot of shapes that could be inducted for takeaway cup holders. It can be square, rectangular, triangular, star, or even circular as a brand desires.

As a cup carrier mostly gable shapes are used because of their attractiveness. It depends on the brand, that how the brand wants it.

Designing – An Important Factor

Having a design is very important. Café brands and bakeries who want to use these cup holders must have a specific design for their business that may be a logo. Design is very important and should not be ignored as it is the way to source and market your business.

The design also helps the customer to keep them reminded about the café or bakery from where they took the beverage from. So, it is highly encouraged to have a design that is product and brand-specific.

Printing Problems

Printing should be given importance. It really matters where you print your logo.

Before confirming

Before confirming printing make sure to have the printed elements at a place where it is easy for the customer to see and remember the place from where they got the beverage from.


Cup-holders are just to hold the cups and sometimes like for example for paper pulp there is no need to have proper finishing because that is a tray and the buyer will not take it too far from the café or bakery that he or she needs to remember the name.

But in the case of cardboard and other materials which act as a form of a carrier that can be taken far from the initial source should have proper finishing. The reason is that now your brand’s beverages are taken away from the place. And there might be others who are enjoying the same beverage. So, they can see your café or bakery name. Even the person who took the beverage can remember the place because of the smooth touch.

Rough touch and texture will not work at all.


Add-ons can play an important role. And in the case of takeaway cup holders, they are necessary to be used.  Your takeaway cup holders can have multiple partitions, inserts, handles, and carriers. All these are add-ons that play a very important role in attracting the product to the customer either he buys or views it.

To make the cup holders look beautiful you can also have multiple add-ons at once. For example, you can make beautiful partitions of different cup sizes. You can even have partitions and then use the insert options to best stabilize the cups that the holders hold. This would prevent them from falling.

Benefits Of Takeaway Cup Holders

Marketing Role

These cup holders act as marketing tools to promote a brand.

When a customer carries your brand’s cup holder, they can remember the name of the brand as well

Obviously, because they are carrying this holder with them and whoever watches this holder will automatically know the brand. Utilize this golden opportunity by successfully using them to your advantage.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Retention is improved. Imagine a customer comes to a café and wants to buy 3 cups of tea. One for himself and the other for colleagues. And there is no holder available for him to carry three cups. How do you think will the person feel? Obviously, the customer would be outrageous. So, these holders play an important role in customer satisfaction.

Brand Recognition

Obviously when more and more people come to your café or bakery and have different beverages will recognize you. But these holders play a role even afterward. If they are taken out of the café or bakery and other people who see the brand will recognize it. Even those who don’t know will make themselves aware of the brand.


One of the important roles of these holders is to provide protection to the beverage that is placed inside the cups. The main reason to have them is to provide protection to the beverage inside.


They act as a carrier to carry multiple cups from one place to another effectively. This is the main cause of having them. These holders may come in different shapes, styles, and even sizes. But they all serve the same purpose.


To conclude the above discussion, it is very important for cafes and different brands that are selling these beverages like tea and coffee must use these takeaway cup holders.

They not only look attractive but can solve the problem of carrying either a hot cup of beverage or multiple cups at the same time. Many people who are not aware of the packaging will find.

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