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Custom Mobile App Types to Know

As an entrepreneur, you have to consider a variety of factors in order to create a strong and cost-effective mobile device. The custom mobile app design and development process are just one of those that entrepreneurs are unsure of which the most effective option is. So let’s look into it.

Native App

Native development is when the application was designed to work on one specific platform, which could be iOS and Android. The decision to use either platform will often be influenced by the target users.
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Mobile platforms that are native to the mobile market tend to be speedy and simple to use, and are able to simplify a user’s experience. A clear design helps users to make use of the best experience and sustainable architecture allows users to make use of appaEUR(tm)s features completely.

The most difficult aspects of creating these mobile apps are the necessity of adjusting the application design to accommodate different devices. Apart from that, developing and maintaining apps for two platforms will require greater time, effort, and energy.

Tech stack for native app development:

  • Android

Language of programming: Java, Kotlin

Toolkit: Android Studio, Android SDK

  • iOS

Language of programming: Swift, Objective-C

Toolkit: IntelliJ AppCode, Apple Xcode, iOS SDK

Hybrid App

Developed by using web-based technologies like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML combined. Therefore, technically, hybrid applications are a mix of native and website-based solutions. They function as websites, however, they run within the native app as well as its integrated browser.

Hybrid apps, however, utilize cross-platform features and are built upon a single code base that covers various platforms, unlike native mobile apps. Also, The distinction between Flutter-based applications and hybrid apps is in the frameworks used.

Technology stack to support hybrid applications:

  • The programming language is HTML, CSS, Java
  • Frameworks: Apache Cordova, Ionic

Cross-Platform Solutions

Cross-platform applications designed to work across multiple platforms. ItaEUR(tm)s is a great option for those who create custom mobile app that doesn’t heavily rely on native functions. It does not just speed the time to market and reduces the time to develop as well, but it additionally makes it easy to update and maintain.

Cross-platform solutions speed up custom mobile app development and cut costs by as much as 30. It’s true that the development time for native mobile apps is calculated for both platforms, and the Flutter framework allows software developers to develop one codebase that can be used to work on both iOS in addition to Android.

Cross-platform application development tech stack:

  • Programming language: Dart, React
  • Frameworks: JavaScript

Also, flutter’s app development services allow you to reduce the time to market and provide the most efficient, flexible mobile solutions that fit within your budget.

Advanced Web App

It is also possible to create a Progressive Web App (PWA) which provides a web browsing experience similar to native mobile applications and which makes it more user-friendly.

PWAs use modern web APIs that allow them to deliver a natural experience. Moreover, they can run features like the push notification, offline accessibility access to hardware, and custom splash screens and icons for the home screen. Progressive web applications are an excellent choice for those with older devices or unstable internet connections as they load very quickly and do not require installation.

However, in terms of the field of application, there are many industries that will profit from custom mobile app development. Some of the industries that have been greatly improved from the digital applications mentioned below:


Telemedicine software development designed to provide seamless healthcare to people all over the world. For instance, they permit individuals to keep track of their health conditions, make appointments, or obtain drug prescriptions online.

Social networks

Businesses should have an online presence to boost visibility and connect with more customers. Moreover, with the increasing number of active users of social media. It is clear that the concept of creating a social media network is profitable.


E-learning platforms surpass traditional learning techniques. Also, They let students study on their own and according to their personal interests and preferences. interested in.


Travel planning apps help travelers plan their travels. Also, They allow you to book tickets or hotels, map routes, look up famous restaurants, places to eat, and much more.


Most people prefer purchasing online. E-commerce platforms allow retailers to advertise their products and brands across the globe. There’s no reason to manage to manufacture or fret about the delivery.


There are a number of applications for mobile solutions for logistics. For example by using fleet management applications transport and freight companies can decrease their fuel usage as well as reduce the amount of time they are wasting at the traffic lights, and boost the productivity of drivers.


Customers migrate to payment applications from cash and credit cards because of their convenience. Modern financial software allows the automation of invoices and cash flow management. The processing of online transactions as well as the generation of reports, the visualization of financial information, and many more.

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