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Custom hands-free boxes

Things to consider while choosing hands-free boxes

Custom hands-free boxes must be made from a sturdy material having luxurious touch. Catchy printings with unique designs will enhance the presentation of your box:

Nowadays companies are looking for all kind of ways they can use to advertise their products effectively. In this era where a number of brands are already present, it is getting difficult to distinguish any new brand from all the other brands in the market. Custom boxes are playing the role in branding and promotion of these products which are difficult to market otherwise. They can be customized in any possible shape, design or printing. There are too many type of options available for printing such as lithography, flex o graph y and digital. Digital being the modern method of printing is used in almost all kinds of boxes these days. Apart from presentation these boxes protect the things present inside from all kinds of cracks or lines.

Material options:

There are variety of options available in the market for materials such as cardboard, Kraft, rigid or corrugated. All kind of materials have their own pros and cons.

Cardboard is the most economical option. It is easy to ship and easy to make. They are the Eco-friendliest option of all the available materials. They can be recycled up to 100%. They are shipped flat so they have a minimal shipping cost. They support all kind of printing over them so they can be printed in any possible way.
Kraft: they are sturdiest of all materials present in the market. They are Eco-friendly but little expensive than cardboard due to their thick material. But for products like hands-free they are better option than cardboard due to fragile nature of hands-free.

Corrugated is not a good option for hands-free boxes because they are comparatively thin and are best for shipping boxes.

Rigid boxes will be considered the best for hands-free boxes because of their thick nature and luxury appearance. They are considered the best when it comes to packing fragile gifts with care. They can be printed in any way. Mostly black and white colors are used, but a different color can also give a great appearance.

A minimalist and different color will surely attract everybody. Some of the colors are associated with brands because of their different look and enhanced appearance. Same way you can chose a plain color with a bold text and a logo. When you can deliver your message in a minimalist why create a mess then?

Think creatively and choose a unique design:

Designs are the most important part of presentation of your box just like printing. They can give a different and catchy look to your boxes. You have variety of options to choose from such as die cut or sleeve, forward tuck or reverse tuck.

A design with a display window is proved to be the best for hands-free boxes. In this way you would be able to show your hands-free to your customers without opening the package. Window boxes look good on display so it is better to go with this kind of box when you are thinking of displaying the box. These window boxes are sturdy enough just like the other material. So you are not compromising anything for getting a beautiful display.

Colorful and catchy printing entices customers:

Vibrant colors used in an intelligent manner without creating any mess are the best for any product. Choose graphics which shows an element of music or any quote that is linked with music. You can add texts showing quality of the component being used in the preparation of these hands-free. Your customers are likely to trust you more because they are aware of the fact that you know the importance of quality things.

Add logo of your brand:

It is a great option to add logo of your company over the boxes because you are getting differentiated from all the similar brands in the market. Getting a logo will help you get more customers because they will start recognizing your brand. So the next time they will come to buy this product they will surely remember you and consider your brand. Once you are being considered you can get more customers. Quality of your product will matter when talking about the retention of previous customers.

Stay as simple as possible:

Simple designed, plain colored boxes with few texts on them will please minimalists and are sure to attract customers. Such boxes are easy to recycle and are Eco-friendly option than all other kind of boxes with printing everywhere on the box.

Emphasize texture of your box by adding gloss, glitter or foiling of your box, or foiling of your boxes. You can make texts appear raise or depressed with the help of embossing or de-bossing. All these options will definitely enhance the presentation of your box.


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