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Convert EML Files to PDF Format with Attachments – Detailed Direction

Overview– In this comprehensive how-to guide, we’ll go through both manual and automated methods to convert EML files to PDF format on Mac and Windows.

An email message is saved as an EML file by an email client like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and many others. It includes the message’s subject, sender, recipient(s), and date in addition to the message’s content.

On the other hand, a multi-platform document prepared by Adobe Acrobat or another PDF program is known as a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. A PDF file is one of the most popular document files for saving documents and publications in a standardized format.

Now, if you have EML files and you want to convert EML files to PDF format with Attachments. Because we know that PDF files can be easily accessed on any PC. Read this blog in which we covered all the easy methods to do this task.

Why Is the PDF File Format Preferable to the EML File?

PDF files are preferred because is created by adobe in the 1990s. and it is store images, videos, text, etc. Here are several reasons to make PDF files even better.

1. converted data PDF files can be secure in the future.
2. PDFs can be easily accessed on any computer.
3. PDF files can b used as saved important evidence purposes for digital forensics.
4. PDF files come with many security features like password protection for copying, editing, and pasting.

Well now, we know all the reasons that force users to convert EML to PDF. So, without wasting time let’s move toward the solution part.

In the upcoming section, we will be going to discuss two methods a manual and an automated solution to convert EML files to PDF format with attachments. Therefore, be sure to carefully read each step. Since, If you miss a single step, you can lose your important data.

Method 1: Convert EML Files to PDF Format- Using Expert Solution

If you are looking for an instant or seamless solution to convert EML files into portable document file format then you can try EML to PDF Converter Tool.

This tool can convert EML files into multiple other file formats such as PST, MBOX, HTML, MSG, NSF, MHT, TXT, and Office 365. This application can be used on any Windows OS. This utility allows for batch conversion of EML files. Additionally, the tool preserves folder hierarchy in addition to providing a variety of filter choices. It’s the perfect solution to save EML files for legal discovery, backup, etc.

Take the following steps

1: Download, Install, and Run the Tool on your System.
2: Go to the “software panel” and browse the folder holding the EML file.
3: To the PDF file, click on the “Radio Tab then, choose the “Explore” button.
4: To apply various settings then select “Advanced Settings
5: To begin the conversion, click the “export tab.” after the process, the tool will give you the outlook PDF file.

Method 2: Convert EML Files to PDF Manually

If you don’t want to spend money on automated solutions or looking for a free solution then here in this section we are going to discuss a free manual technic to convert EML files into PDF format with Attachments.

Step to Convert EML to PDF By Using Word

1. Choose the “EML message” you want to print as a PDF
2. Afterward, “right-click on the message” and open it in “Word”.
3. In Word, click the “Print icon” after opening the EML message
4. The EML message can then be “saved” as a PDF file.

In the upper part, we explained all steps of the manual way. But the manual steps have some limitations, which we will discuss in the below section.

Manual Method Limitations

Following are some of the common limitations to the convert EML files to PDF format. These limitations you will face using the manual method.

The manual process takes a long time and requires several steps, which makes it challenging.
You must have the technical expertise to do it correctly.
There are size restrictions and no functionality for converting numerous files at once.
If you have missed even one of your steps, then it may harm your data, and there may be data loss.

Point to Note: Here we described both the manual and automated solution o convert eml to pdf along with the limitations of the manual method. You can go with the EML to PDF Converter Tool to effortlessly complete the conversion process.

Final Words

We went into great detail about the EML and PDF formats in the previous post. We have also covered the manual and expert methods that consumers can employ to convert EML files to PDF format. Depending on their preferences, users can select the best option. If they decide to use an expert’s recommendation, you can quickly convert EML files to PDF format with Attachments.


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