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Buying a new bed, what is important?

What is important to know when buying a new Sleigh beds? A bed should, of course, be comfortable. This is mainly achieved by a mattress. So the most important thing is the mattress and not the aesthetic properties of the bedstead. A Sleigh beds consists of a mattress , a bedstead (also called a bed frame, or bed box) and a bed base . It is also possible to place the mattress only on a box spring bed base. A box spring is usually soft because it consists of several mattresses. A bedstead is a bed frame consisting of a frame that is usually made of wood.

When buying a new bed you should pay attention to the following things;

Bed length

Your height is important for the size of your bed. With an average length of around 175 cm, a 200 cm long bed is sufficient, but if you are taller, a 210 cm long or even 220 cm long bed is finer. You should take into account that you need a bed about 20 cm longer than your own height.

The firmness of a bed

Your weight is important for the correct firmness of your mattress. If you are light, for example under 60 kg, then Soft is the best choice. If you weigh between 60 and 90 kg then Medium will probably be best and if you weigh over 90 kg then firm is probably better. Many bed suppliers have a weight-hardness rating on their website. The weights and harnesses mentioned above are not necessarily a requirement, but use them as a yardstick.

What kind of posture?

Your posture also plays a role in determining the width of your bed. If you have a normal build, the standard size of 80 cm is usually sufficient. If you have a broad build, a 90 cm or even 100 cm wide mattress will suit you better. The more space, the more comfort is my motto.

Any allergies

Are you allergic to dust mites or dust? Then it is best to pay attention to certificates and/or labels with a new bed. There are a number of certificates that guarantee that the mattress is free of harmful substances and is anti-allergic.

Do you have physical complaints?

A good bed can really ensure that complaints such as back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and hip pain decrease or even disappear. When purchasing a mattress, it is important to look at the supporting and pressure-relieving properties and the correct firmness. For other types of sleeping problems , it is advisable to first view the article sleeping problems before purchasing a new mattress.

Ventilation capacity of the bed

Research has shown that a person loses an average of 300 milliliters of fluid per night. Some of this moisture evaporates, but the rest penetrates the mattress. It is therefore important that a bed can ventilate. The happens through the underside of the sleigh beds but also through the top. During the day, turn the duvet back so that the moisture can evaporate. In this way you extend the life of your mattress considerably and, perhaps even more importantly, you sleep a lot drier and more comfortable.

Quality bed

The quality of a bed is difficult to assess and strongly depends on the materials used. The warranty can be an indication of the quality as it is usually determined by a durability test. The durability of materials is examined by means of a 140 kg roller that is rolled over a mattress 30,000 times. This is approximately equivalent to 8 years of use. Conformity, mattress thickness, and the ticking also affect the quality of a bed.

Certificates on mattresses

Quality mattresses and the shops that sell really good beds usually have a long list of certificates. These certificates provide information about certain properties. If you do not know exactly what a certificate means, have a look here: Certificates of beds .

Test sleep at home on a new bed

A probationary period on a new bed is highly recommended. Despite the fact that people do their best to buy a bed that suits them, it is very common that the mattress turns out to be too hard or too soft. With a trial period you have the option to exchange the mattress. A probationary period is therefore absolutely recommended, but the length of a probationary period is also important. This can vary from 14, 30, or even 45 days.

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