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What is Cenforce 150mg?

Cenforce 150 mg is one of the most frequently prescribed medications for men who suffer from impotence and erectile dysfunction. Many men around the world are reaping the benefits of medication and are enjoying their sexual lives.

It is a potent ingredient called sildenafil citrate that can provide quick treatment for erectile dysfunction by increasing the flow of blood to the male reproductive organ.

Cenforce is part of a group of drugs known as PDE-5 inhibitors, which can provide hard sexual erections after sexual stimulation. It is a generic version of the brand-name drug known as Viagra. To purchase this medication from a licensed pharmacy, you need the prescription.

It is an FDA-approve medication and can be use to restore erectile dysfunction. It is important to know that smaller doses of sildenafil are also suggested for treating hypertension in the lungs of elderly people. Yet, Cenforce 150 will offer you erections that are firm only when you are sexually stimulat.

What exactly is Cenforce 150 mg function?

You should be aware that erectile dysfunction can be an issue with blood circulation throughout your body. In the course of sexual activity and if your male organ for sexual pleasure does not receive enough blood flow, the likelihood of having an erection will be less likely.

There are a variety of causes the cause of an interruption in the blood supply for the reproductive system of males. It could be due to accidents, smoking, drug dependence, alcohol consumption, or other toxins from the other drugs.

To combat this issue the active ingredient of Cenforce i.e. sildenafil citrate assists in relaxing the muscles that are located in your penile. The blood vessels that connect the reproductive glands of males start to grow and expand to accommodate an abundance of blood.

Sildenafil citrate performs this function by reducing the levels of PDE5 present in the body. After sexual contact sildenafil citrate can make the sexual organs less erect.

How to use Cenforce 150mg?

Before you begin the dosage of this tablet it is crucial to read the information on the patients’ leaflet thoroughly. If there is any doubt, then you should talk to your physician about it.

Take one tablet at least an hour before the schedule sexual activity, and without or with food that is prescrib by the doctor. It is a powerful dose and is best consume as a single tablet, accompanied by an ice cube. Be sure to take the medication without breaking the tablet, crushing it, and chewing on it.

To aid the medicine to prove its effectiveness it is crucial to patients ED patients experience sexual stimulation. It is essential to take the medication as directed by your physician. If you are taking the tablet along when you eat, avoid eating fatty foods as this can hurt your overall health. Based on the condition you are experiencing and your age, the doctor will recommend the proper dosage.

The liquid you drink on the tablet should be normal water. Drinking other drinks such as alcohol or fruit juices could result in unidentified reactions in your body.

 Warnings and precautions of this tablet:

Being aware of some warnings and precautions before your visit will allow you to get the desired results. If you do not have the advice from your physician don’t reduce or increase the dose as it could cause grave complications.

When taking ED pills, make sure you do not drink alcohol or consume grapefruit since these beverages can decrease the efficiency of sildenafil. Before beginning treatment with Cenforce ensure that you’re not allergic to sildenafil and other ingredients in the medication.

you take this medicine, be sure you’re not taking other ED pills because both may react and create serious adverse consequences. If you’re someone suffering from heart disease or have undergone surgery for your heart within the last 6 months, you should not take this ED medication. Inform the doctor of the medical conditions you have, particularly regarding the liver disease, kidney disease, and eye disorders. For all of these ailments, Cenforce is not recommend.

Men over the age of 45 must be cautious because at a later age, the muscles and tissues are weaker and cramps are quite frequent. Talk to your doctor before any other medication you are taking.

Cenforce 150 mg side effects

Similar to other ED pills also come with some negative side consequences.a majority of the men taking the medicine don’t have any serious adverse consequences.You may experience minor side effects, but these fade after some time. The most frequent adverse effects that are report include:





Eye swelling

Vision blurred

Extremely painful and long-lasting Erections that are long and painful

Muscle pain and backache

Seek medical attention immediately, if you notice that these symptoms persist or get worse over time.

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