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Business Coaching: what it is, what it will do for your company and how to choose a coach

Business Coaching: what it is, what it will do for your company, and how to choose a coach

Coaching, in its broadest sense, is a method of personal empowerment. In essence, it consists of a series of tools focused on solving personal or professional problems.

Aspects such as self-esteem, self-knowledge, self-care, and interpersonal relationships fall within the spectrum of action of coaching.

Now, private business coaching in New Jersey requires a facilitator or a companion throughout the entire process. This coach or trainer will be in charge of accompanying you, shoulder to shoulder so that you achieve those changes that you have proposed at the beginning of the process.

It is nothing more than a psychology professional, with experience in personal training processes for empowerment. He is generally a person who has tested these tools on himself. To a great extent, he uses his experience to find the benefits of his own self-knowledge.

As a result of the success that coaching has had in helping people improve their lives, companies decided to implement this discipline in their organizational structure.

With increasingly demanding customers, consumers who consult the Internet at any time before making their purchases, and users who appreciate values ​​associated with brands, a new concept emerges business coaching.

This transformation has made many companies feel displaced from the system since, either due to ignorance or lack of resources, they have not adapted to the needs of the 21st century. To solve the ‘chaos’ that such maladjustment can cause –with consequences of different severity such as dismissals, economic losses of various kinds or even the disappearance of the company– there are instruments that collaborate in the objective of its accommodation to the market.

Any coaching process, whether business or not, must meet the following characteristics:

  • Completely personalized.
  • It is based on empathy and mutual trust.
  • Focused on self-knowledge.
  • It seeks to improve the life of the individual.
  • Now let’s see the characteristics of its business aspect.

4 characteristics of business coaching

The essence of any coaching process is the results. Now, you can’t sacrifice the person being coached for results.

This brings us to the first characteristic of business coaching.

1. The focus on the process

The focus of each coaching process will be different according to the type of company and the goals it seeks. These business goals must match those of the team in some way, otherwise coaching is not possible. This is the first aspect that the coach must analyze to focus his strategy.

From this point on, the coach will have to carry out different techniques to identify the behaviors, habits, reactions and other aspects of behavior that the employee in training can improve to achieve said objectives shared with the company.

2. The interaction between the coach and the team

We could say that the basis of the focus of any coaching process is the type of interaction that the coach has with the person who is under his tutelage. The exchange of information, doubts, expectations, questions, progress, failures, and other aspects of the relationship are essential when talking about interaction. They make it easy for both parties (coach and student) to get involved in an endearing way. It is worth thinking about the kind of relationships that high-performance athletes have with their coaches. It is at this point that specialists identify the start of coaching.

The interaction varies according to the personal style of each coach; some will be more aggressive in pursuing goals, demanding that employees and collaborators give more than 100% of their effort; others prefer communication as the basis of interaction.

3. Mutual and shared responsibility

Just as the interaction is continuous and personalized throughout the process, the responsibility for it is mutual and shared. In this regard, it is worth emphasizing that the business context can be very competitive and demanding when we talk about improving the performance of workers. For this reason, any coaching process requires the coach to assume responsibility as something shared. The failure of the mentee is the failure of the coach.

Now, this does not mean that a failure is entirely negative. There is always a lesson in defeat, and it is the responsibility of the coach to know how to recognize that lesson. Hence the responsibility is mutual.

Furthermore, sharing responsibility means that the workload is also shared. A good coach knows this and prepares in advance to demand as much or more than the team. Herein lies the difference between an efficient coach and a poor one.

4. Respect as the basis of the process

When we talk about respect, we are not only referring to the deference that should prevail in the coach’s relationship with the team. We also talk about respect for the objectives set from the beginning and the way in which they will try to optimize the behavior and customs of the worker at their work site.

This aspect is based on ethics, to which the coach must have absolute respect in his way of acting. In other words, in this search for performance, it is neither lawful nor ethical to force an employee beyond what is humanly possible. A coaching process does not aim to train automatons but to help workers to be more efficient in their work, without losing those characteristics that distinguish them from their peers.

Business coaching benefits

The purpose and objectives of coaching for companies usually focus on improving the performance of companies through the implementation of orientation and motivation techniques in certain areas of the business. These techniques focus mainly on the human team of the companies, trying to change the vision with which they see the work and exploit their strengths to the maximum so that they commit to the project. These techniques usually translate into an exponential effect on the company, not only in terms of profits, but also in terms of productivity and efficiency in the use of resources.

For further information about business coaching you can contact one of the most credible business coaching experts in the shape of the moose consultant.


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