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Brother Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi | Essential Steps To Fix This Error

Well, the brother printer is built-in with the best Wi-Fi technology this is why it will adapt to the wireless settings quickly. When you see that our brother printer connects with the Wi-Fi network, it is going to store the settings. 

So if you see in the future, then you have to reboot the printer. Then it is automatically going to connect with that network. 

There are times when you will find out that the Brother Printer Won’t Connect to WiFi. There are many reasons that might have been responsible for this issue. When the user tries to connect to the internet manually, then it is going to show them that it is not able to connect with the internet properly. 

Let us now see why are you getting these issues:

Causes Of Brother Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi:

Well, most of the time the reason why Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi is due to the incorrect Wi-Fi security or weak signals issue. Well, there can be other reasons as well. Let us understand those issues too:

  • When the printer is more than 8 meters away from the router.
  • When the network settings entered are not correct.
  • When the wireless password is not valid. 
  • When there is a printer firmware issue.
  • When you are facing a router firmware issue. 

These are some of the causes of the brother printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi. 

Let us now see the steps through which you will be able to resolve this issue in no time. 

How To Fix The Brother Printer That Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi?

Reboot The Devices:

The first thing that you need to do is to power off the printer. Then you need to power off the access point too. After that power on the device one by one. When you see that the printer comes back to the home screen, then you need to try and connect the printer with the Wi-Fi.

Keep The Printer Near The Router:

Well, the usual Wi-Fi throws the signals within the range of 10 meters only. If you see that the printer is more than 8 meters away from the router. The signal quality must have been very weak. 

Well, in that case, the printer might have been disconnected from the Wi-Fi. There are times when the users are also going to receive this error on the PC or the mobile device due to the connection failure issue. 

Well, in such a case, you have to place the printer near the Wi-Fi access point and then reconnect it with the Wi-Fi network. 

Reset The Network Settings:

If your machine was earlier connected with the Wi-Fi and it is not joining the network after changing the wireless password on the router. Well, it means that the printer is trying to connect with the old network profile. This is the reason why the connection might have been failing. 

Well in order to fix this issue, you need to reset the network settings. 

  • First, you need to power on the brother printer. 
  • After that press the home key or menu.
  • Then you need to go to the network option using the up and down arrow key. If you have a touch panel then you can press the next button in order to reach there. 
  • After that click on the network reset option. 
  • After that push the 1 or the yes on the reset network popup. 

Now you need to go and connect with the Wi-Fi when your brother printer will complete the network reset process. 

Use the WPS Feature:

The wireless protected setup is one of the best methods in order to resolve the Brother Printer Not Connecting To WiFi. in order to use this feature, both the devices must be WPS compatible. 

If you are facing a situation where your brother printer is not connecting with the Wi-Fi using the network key, then you can use this feature in order to establish the connection. There are two methods in order to connect through the WPS. 

Update The Printer Firmware:

If you are using an old printer and you have not updated it in a long time, then it can cause the brother printer won’t connect to the Wi-Fi issue. 

Well in that you need to check the printer firmware update. If you see that there is a recent version that has to be updated, then you must do it immediately. 

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If you are still facing this issue and are not able to connect the brother printer with the Wi-Fi, then get in touch with our experienced experts. They will provide you with the best solutions! For more information, visit our website: Theblogposting

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