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When it has to pack some liquid or fluid, more attention needs to be done to secure it from any damage or leakage. For this purpose, OXO provides you best packaging solution to protect your creams and boost your brand publicity in the hypercompetitive market. Custom Cream Boxes are the best solution. You can customize your packs with perfect designs and accurate sizes that fix your creams securely. It gives a fascinating presentation to your creams and becomes an eye-catching product for the customers. Mostly the customers of the cosmetic industry are females who are more tempted towards beautiful packaging. Cosmetic product packed in old-fashion and dull crates lose their worth and quality in eyes of their customers. Attractive packaging acts as a promotional tool and helps the brand boost the market.


The quality of material matter a lot to give your product a royal presentation. OXO experienced staff focused on the quality of packing and mostly used cardboard and Bus board material for sturdy and rigid boxes. E-flute corrugated is used to give sustainable and durable packs that secure your creams from loss.

Whereas, eco-friendly Kraft is used to promote green and save nature. The material should be biodegradable and 100% recycled. The boxes should protect the creams from any environmental hazards like water, and dust. OXO’s super quality boxes not only protect your creams but also give an aesthetic appeal to attract customers. You can customize your packs according to your product shape and size. Numerous styling and attractive color schemes make it more captivating for the customers.


Stunning your customers with marvelous designs and extraordinary graphics on your Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes. Images and prints make your boxes more alluring and attractive when they are present on the store’s shelf. Images and labeling make your packs more informative and customers’ keen interest in your brands. Put knowledge full information on your crates. Avoid long text and irrelevant or complex images as they distract your customers. It put a negative impact on your product sales. OXO talented printers used modern printing techniques to imprint your brand name or logo on your customized boxes. They guide you where you imprint your brand name from where it easily appeals to a large audience. Don’t forget to imprint your brand name or logo on your customize boxes as they increase your brand awareness among people and they start searching your product by your brand name in the market.


OXO is one of the best packaging solution providers. Our cream packaging boxes give your brand loyalty, brand awareness, and brand publicity in the competitive market. We aim to firm your brand and enhance profit sales. We provide countless opportunities only for our esteemed clients. If you deal with us for your custom cream boxes, stop worrying about the awesome designs and prints. We share unlimited ideas about numerous designs and prints for making your product heart-touching. Upgrade Quality material speaks itself while putting on store’s frontlines.You get wholesale cream boxes at reasonable prices. Free shipping services all across the USA in the fastest turnaround time is our promise to you. Hurry up! Contact us at for a great experience of packaging. Our customer support agent gives you a quick response

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