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Best Farming Game for PC and Android

Every person in the world knows about farming and farming games. Farming games are the most popular and a real farming person wants to play this type of farming game so if you are interested in playing farming games then follow this article because here we will discuss the best farming games that are all-time favorites of gaming users. We discuss farming games for both platforms PC and android so don’t worry about that if you have any device then you can play easily on them.

1. Farming Simulator 19 APK

Farming simulator 19 apk game was released in 2020 for android platforms. You can use the latest technologies in a farming vehicle in this game. If you are a new user of this game then don’t worry follow this farming simulator 19 apk download article where you get all details about this game. This is a task-based game and tasks are automatically generated by the AI system and you have to complete that task in minimum time to get money with an extra bonus.

Features of Farming Simulator 19 Apk:

  • New technologies 100+ farming vehicle 
  • Without any registration, you can play this game on your device
  • Free available to download
  • The interface of this game is attractive and  easy to use
  • Play this game with online multiplayer mode

2. Farming Simulator 19 PC 

Farming simulator 19 pc is a different version of farming simulator 19 apk but the gameplay of this game is the same. This game version for pc was released in 2018 after successful that was released for apk version. This game was made for pc so system requirements are different from the apk version. The sound quality and graphics are good and attractive. So farming simulator 19 pc download in your system and play it online with multiplayer mode.

Features of Farming Simulator 19 PC Game:

  • Download with 3 bonus vehicles that are used in farming
  • HD graphics quality
  • Riding on your own horses
  • Farm develop with online multiplayer
  • The sound quality is too good

3. Farm Expert 2017 PC Game

Farm expert 2017 pc video game was released in 2016 and play this game different platforms like android, iOS, Microsoft windows.  It is the best farming simulation video game and in this game, you need to feed chicken to survive. Some functionality is the same as the previous game but some are different. You need to complete respected tasks and self-care yourself. Farm expert 2017 free download for pc and enjoy great simulation games that are unique from other games.

Features of Farm Expert 2017 PC Game:

  • Greatest simulation game
  • A realistic model with a machine driving
  • 150+ machines are for farming
  • Grow animals and plants

Download Process of All Game:

The download process we discuss last because all games have the same and easy process.

  1. First search for ocenofgames website 
  2. Click on the link
  3. In this website search box search download game
  4. Open that particular game article from the list
  5. Read the article otherwise scroll at the end to get the download button
  6. Press them and wait for some time to complete the download process
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