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Are gel nails bad for you? Tips for healthy nails

We do want to look good. And we do everything to look good for ourselves, for our partners, for our colleagues, or for the Internet. We take care of our face, using thousands of skin care products, putting on creams to hydrate our face every day, then doing makeup, and then moving to hair care. After hair, we go to the gym: swim, and work out in order to shape our body and make it as beautiful as possible. Doesn’t matter if we do all of these or not if we don’t take care of our nails all our “sufferings” are in vain, as we don’t get the neat look that we want.

Taking care of our nails is a really good idea. As we take care of how they look but also how healthy they are. But we have to think about the procedures that we do on our nails and how they can affect our nail health.

Gel or not 

With increasing globalization and with one of its tools- the Internet, we are aware of every nail service that is there in some corner of the world. And after looking at different designs we find something that is near to our hearts and we go to the salon. We do the design and then come back home, and after some days we see our nails are not as healthy as they used to be.

We blame the food we eat, and our lifestyle in general but we never think that it may be because of the gel that we use. It is crucial to pay attention to the salon first of all. Choose a beauty salon as you would choose a clinical center, and choose a manicurist as you would choose a doctor. The best qualities of a good beauty salon are being clean, sterile, with advanced technologies, a client-centric approach, and with good professionals.

Manicure and pedicure

A lot of diseases and viruses you can catch in bad beauty salons, that’s why choosing your salon you should be aware of the risks. Always ask your manicurist about the process of sterilization. Manicure and pedicure are the riskiest, so find out if the salon worth to go. After finding out that everything is sterilized, we can go to the salon. But then we start thinking about materials that we use on our nails, especially gel.

Manicure is a service that “is a set of procedures for mechanical or chemical effects on the nails and the skin around the nails in order to meet the hygienic needs of the client.” In simple words, during a manicure, they shape the nails, treat the cuticle, and, if desired, cover the nails with varnish or gel polish. You can also make different designs instead of a plain coating. Stickers, sparkles, rubbing, rhinestones, and freehand drawings can be used as a design. Usually, they pay for it separately.

Gelish manicure and pedicure are very comfortable nowadays. In our modern world, we don’t have time to apply nail polish every day that’s why gels are quite popular- for their long- lasting effect.

Besides the benefits of gels, they are also dangerous if used often. They can increase the risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging on the hands.

So, it’s not a good idea to use gels on a repeated basis. Try to stop using them for some time. It’s okay to put nothing, just nail care will be enough for some time.

Think about your health but never forget about beauty. The beauty salon offers a bunch of opportunities to take care of your nails, but you can’t go to a salon every day, that’s why there are some tips that may help you to keep your nails healthy.

Healthy nails, Happy you

Take a look at your nails. Do they look healthy? Or do you see some unhealthy coloring or ridges, if yes, it is the sign for you to start your nail care just from now?

But, first things first, let’s understand what material are our nails. Nails are laminated layers of protein (keratin). Healthy nails are smooth and free of spots and discoloration.

So, what to do to make our nails healthy or prevent them from getting unhealthy?

  • Keep them clean and dry

(It’s a good idea to use rubber gloves when washing dishes, so they wouldn’t have prolonged contact with water),

  • Use moisturizer

(When using lotion, it’s a good idea to put it on your nails as well),

  •  A protective layer is a good idea

(If you have soft, weak nails, a protective layer or hardener will be a good idea).

As we have mentioned above, our nails are made of protein, so your lifestyle and your diet also can affect your nails, so try to follow diets full of protein.

If you go to beauty salons choose the ones you are sure to have a license and are sterilized.


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