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All Geometry Dash User Levels: Which is the Hardest Demon?

User Levels are Geometry Dash levels produced by people using the level editor that are unauthorized. Players may like or hate other users’ levels, recommend a star difficulty, compare their results on the level’s scoreboard, and comment on them (if the player has a registered account). A copying option is also available, allowing players to save a copy of an online level (if the author of the level has allowed it) and alter it in the level editor.

Levels have the capacity to obtain ratings based on their difficulty and quality. There are three kinds of rates: star rates, feature rates, and epic rates. Levels with a feature rating have a yellow light around the difficulty indicator, whereas Epic levels have a flame outside the glow. If user coins are added, they will not added to the player’s user coin total until they are validated by RobTop – unverified user coins look brown, while verified user coins appear silver. When completed, rated levels provide stars and mana orbs. Progress also rewarded with mana orbs. If the level is part of a gauntlet or the daily/weekly Demon, diamonds will made accessible.

A person looking for a level must first find the search screen. This is accessible by pressing the rightmost button on the main menu screen, then the bottom right button in the Create menu with a magnifying glass symbol that says “Search.” The user may rapidly discover their preferred level by using different search criteria.

Difficulty rating

The user may choose from all possible difficulties. They range from Easy to Demon and include Auto and NA. The player may choose many difficulties at the same time. However, the NA, Demon, and Auto difficulties cannot combined.

    • Along with the new demon challenges released in Update 2.1, you may now search for them. A user may do so by clicking the Demon difficulty and then the addition symbol (+). The available difficulties are as follows:
  • Level length: Only displays levels of the given length. Levels might Tiny (less than 10 seconds), Short (10 29 seconds), Medium (30 59 seconds), Long (60 119 seconds), or XL in duration (greater than 120 seconds).
  • Star rating: Displays only levels that have received star ratings.

Quick search options

These options may used to find levels quickly. They span from the Most Downloaded to the Friends levels.

    • Most Downloaded: Displays in decreasing order the levels with the most downloads.
    • Most Liked: Displays in decreasing order the levels with the most likes.
    • Trending: Displays the most recently downloaded levels.
    • Recent: Shows the most recently added levels in decreasing order.
    • Magic: In decreasing order, Magic displays levels that have recently forwarded straight to RobTop by Moderators. When the NA filter enabled, the tab shows in decreasing order the most recently uploaded levels with over 10,000 items.
    • Awarded: Shows the most recently starred levels in decreasing order.
    • Following: Displays, in decreasing order, the most recently posted levels from the creators the player is following.
    • Friends: Displays in decreasing order the most recently uploaded levels from the player’s buddy list.

Extra filters

Extra filters are available by clicking the plus button to the right of the “X” button:

    • Uncompleted: Filters levels that the player has not completed. Because the Mana Orbs will not have earned, there is an option to show levels achieved before to 2.1.
    • Completed: Filters levels that the player has completed.
    • Featured: Levels that are Featured are filtered.
    • Original: Filters levels that are not duplicates of other levels.
      • This excludes levels that are posted as duplicates. This is possible if you clone an uploaded level from the same author and reupload it with the same name. The level’s ID will kept in this manner, but the duplicated level’s ID will not reset. In addition, the original ID will shown alongside a duplicate of the level’s ID.
    • Epic: Filters out levels with an epic rating.
    • Song: Filters levels depending on the song picked. When you pick this filter, buttons to select the appropriate music to filter will show at the bottom of the box.
    • No Star: Filters levels that do not have a star rating.
    • Coins: Levels with validated coins are filtered.
    • 2-Player: Filters levels that allow 2-player mode.

Saved levels

This option in the Create menu allows the player to see a list of all the online levels that a user has played in Geometry Dash, arranged such that the custom levels that the player has most recently played appear first in the list. By default, only 20 levels are accessible and may played without having to reload them. Up to 100 levels are now accessible as of Update 2.1.

“X” button

The “X” button clears all current filters.

Uploading Geometry Dash User Levels

Following the verification of a custom level, the following actions must done in order for the custom level to uploaded.

  • If a level has a start point, it cannot submitted (abbreviated as Start Pos).
    • Prior to Update 2.11, an exploit enabled levels with High Detail mode to officially confirmed in Low Detail mode and so published. Furthermore, the low detail mode button is only shown in the editor, implying that it cannot used to play the level.
  • A name must assigned to the custom level (it cannot changed once it has been submitted).
    • A description of the level is optional and may left blank. Unlike the title name, it may also modified.
    • If the title is left blank, the file will titled “Unnamed 0,” and so on.
  • The rating may requested by the creator (and thus star value).
    • They cannot, however, request a sub-difficulty for Demon levels.
  • The level’s copyability may enabled or disabled, and a password lock can implemented.
    • The creator may also make a level unlisted, which means it can only accessed by searching for the ID.
    • Even if the level is not copyable, the author may copy it.
  • The level may earn a star rating (1 creator point), a feature (2 creator points), or an epic rating based on user ratings and proposed star/difficulty ratings from level moderators (3 creator points).
  • A custom level must last at least 10 seconds or it will removed. There are, however, lots of sub-10-second levels.
  • A custom level must include at least 2,000 items or it will destroyed as well. There are, however, plenty of sub-2,000-object levels.
  • Since Update 2.11, a Geometry Dash account is necessary to post levels to the server in order to avoid misuse.


Level popularity

  • Sonar, an Easy level included in the Alpha Bundle map pack, has received the most downloads. As of January 28, 2022, it has over 59 million downloads.
  • The most popular level is ReTraY, an Easy level from the Alpha Bundle map pack. As of January 28, 2022, it has over 5 million likes.
  • Geometry Dash The Nightmare, an Easy Demon included in the Demon Pack 3 map pack, is the most popular and downloaded Demon level. As of 6 January 2022, it has over 55 million downloads and over 3.5 million likes, and it is also the fourth most downloaded level in the game.
  • Fernanfloo 3, with a Harder difficulty, is the most popular and unrated level. As of January 28, 2022, it has over 18 million downloads and 1 million likes.
  • “Auto play area” is the most downloaded Geometry Dash Auto level, with around 32.4 million downloads and 2.5 million likes as of 28 January 2022.
  • Having verified coins is usually a benefit reserved for rated levels, however there is one level titled “Dark Angel” by a player named Rono that has verified coins but is not rated. This is supposedly due to the level being rated at some time, but it unrated by RobTop, and when RobTop unrated the level, he failed to delete the verified user money. Beating the level using coins still gives the player verified user coins.
  • In addition, “Geometry Dash End Of Line” by PMK, a famous map pack level with over 32 million downloads and 2.5 million likes (as of 6 May 2021), listed but lacks verified user coins.


  • The level ID 80000000 exceeded on May 5, 2022, indicating that there have more than 80 million levels on the system.
    • The majority of these levels destroyed for a variety of reasons, including user request, moderator request, or automated server deletion.
  • The first level still posted to the servers, with an ID of 128, is 1st level by genuine storm. It is still available with a Normal difficulty.
    • With the ID 130, Robert Topala submitted the third custom level, “Geometry Dash Spike Spike.” However, due to a hacking assault on October 31, 2016, this level deleted towards the conclusion of Update 2.0.

Geometry Dash User Levels Rating

  • RobTop will periodically publish “Editor Example __” levels that demonstrate how to utilize certain triggers and new gameplay components in the Editor.
  • If it subsequently determined that the verification was not authentic or if the level has a hidden route, the rating of the level might withdrawn.
    • There are, however, several hidden path levels and hacked levels that are still rated.
    • A rated level’s rating may also revoked if the level’s music was previously accessible but is now forbidden.
  • Certain filthy oaths (with some exceptions) will converted into a hyphen when entering a name for a user level.
    • Entering 824253 results in “br-.” This only occurs on Android and not on iOS or PC. This is most likely an Android-only problem.
  • As of 6 May 2021, it proven in Geometry Dash World that the following levels after #141 (WaterFall) are NA-rated levels spammed by RobTop, with the majority being both uncommentable and unplayable.
    • However, there are still several levels with 100-200 downloads but no stars.
  • Even though the Demon rating categories were accessible at the start of 2.1, all Demon levels classified Hard Demon.
    • This was due to the levels not receiving enough votes to have their ratings modified.
  • The XL length initially referred to as “Extra-Long.” This name implemented in Update 2.0, as was a previously absent filter for searching for XL levels.
  • The difficulty rating symbols inspired by Newgrounds emoticons.
  • Prior to Update 2.0, when a player viewed a level’s comment area, there was a “More” button next to the creator’s username. The player might examine a list of the creator’s levels by pressing this button. Because RobTop encourages the formation of registered user accounts, this functionality eliminated in Update 2.0.


When uploading a level, the notice might sometimes indicate, “The upload failed. Please retry later “, even if you have access to the internet. The only way around it is to duplicate the level.

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