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A ready-made business plan for a beauty salon

Have you decided to start your own business and settled on an option like a beauty salon? Then the important step will be to develop a strategy for your business will operate through. A beauty salon business plan is quite simple if you consider it more detailed. You need to understand how much money you need to get started, what kind of employees you hire, and the services you provide. After deciding on the main issues, we draw up a business plan for the beauty salon – planned accounts, profitability, profit, and income. People will always go to the hairdresser and do manicures and other procedures with the right approach. Such a business will bring a lot of money.

Create a business plan for a beauty salon

Beauty salon business plan summary

The first step for a small business is setting a goal. The purpose of this project is to open a shrine and profitable beauty salon, which will bring a stable income to its owner. Accordingly, the project manager will be an individual entrepreneur who must register as an individual entrepreneur. Today, many people actively use the services of these salons because it is not always possible to carry out such procedures with high quality at home. In the salon, you can do it quickly and efficiently.

Marketing plan

To ensure the profitable operation of the salon, it is necessary to choose a place where there will be no competitors and a good location and visibility of customers.

The following measures will be used to attract people:

  1. Beautiful, attractive sign for the salon.
  2. Group in a social network for advertising services.
  3. An advertisement in the newspaper.
  4. Business cards.
  5. Flyers with discounts.

Production plan

Salon staff will work according to the schedule assigned to them. All employees will be formally appointed, and, as part of their duties, they will attend advanced training courses in the direction of the salon owner. Each employee, before his appointment, will have to undergo a medical examination with its entry in a medical book.

Management Organization

For the business idea to work properly, you must approach everything professionally. The following activities must be carried out:

  1. Register your activity as an individual entrepreneur.
  2. Find a suitable room and rent it under the contract to provide work.
  3. Purchase all necessary equipment for the salon.
  4. The purchase of all consumables and tools.
  5. Perform all necessary checks and obtain permission for your activities.
  6. Hire good people.

The equipment necessary to ensure work requires the following:

  1. Hanger.
  2. Administrative office.
  3. Two barber chairs.
  4. A complete set of equipment with a chair for working in the manicure and pedicure room.
  5. Table for a manicure.
  6. Reception sofa.
  7. 6 chairs.
  8. Shopping cart.
  9. Coffee table.
  10. Cabinet for care products.
  11. Two tables with mirrors.
  12. Refrigerator.
  13. The television.
  14. Others at the request of the owner.

Like any other serious business, the first step to success is writing a beauty salon business plan.

Why open a beauty salon?

  1. Such a business could, in the future, be developed into a whole network of salons.
  2. In this case, the name will start working for you, and new investors may appear for the company.
  3. To get started, a minimum staff and a set of equipment are enough.
  4. It is not necessary to rent a large room for a beauty salon.
  5. If there is enough space for 2-3 craftsmen (7 square meters per workplace) – this is enough for the full start-up of the company.
  6. Businesses show high rates of development.
  7. After all, even in times of crisis, people try to allocate funds for personal care.
  8. The initial investment is relatively small.
  9. At the same time, competent adherence to the business plan will allow you to recover it in 9-12 months.

Beauty Salon Business Plan: Planning

The summary of the project

A business plan for a beauty salon begins with a summary of the future project.

This is the shortest section of the plan, but no less important.

5-6 introductory sentences should briefly reveal the gist of the project and interest the reader.

In this paragraph, the entrepreneur describes in more detail the goals he has set for himself and with the help of which methods he plans to achieve what he wants.

The first is the following:

  • Take advantage of organizing a beauty salon.
  • Develop a step-by-step development strategy;
  • Analysis and conclusions related to project reimbursement.

Company business plan information

This section of the business plan contains information about the name of the organization, its location, and its work schedule.

The salon’s location is most advantageous on the street with heavy pedestrian and car traffic, with parking spaces.

An important condition for success is the absence of nearby competing firms.

The company may be located inside a shopping mall or office building.

Beauty salon marketing plan

In the “Marketing” section of the business plan, the place of the enterprise in the service market is determined, strengths are assessed, and the presence of competitors is established.

The final document should include an analysis and description of the following factors:

  1. Trends in the cosmetic and service sector development in the current conditions.
  2. Analyze how the location of the salon will affect its success of the salon.
  3. Information about the customer base: age, gender, income level, etc.
  4. Analysis of the advertising campaign that will be conducted during the salon’s opening and promotion.
  5. Information about competitors, their advantages, and features.

At the moment, the decision to open a beauty salon indicates a high level of profitability.

With a competent approach to the position of the company and its promotion, there is every chance of obtaining a constant and stable flow of customers.

The target audience of the project

The bulk of the clients of beauty salons in the current business plan is represented by women aged 25-34 years. However, in recent years, the portion represented by adolescents aged 14-18 has also increased.

Both girls and boys strive to put themselves in order, trying to reduce the manifestations of adolescence.

Advertising campaign for the beauty salon

However, there are several options for an inexpensive but effective advertising campaign for the current business plan:

  • Add to maps.
  • Many customers are looking for an on-demand salon in the “China Gorod metro haircut style.”
  • You usually do not have to pay extra to get the release results. So be sure to pay attention to these guides on a geographical basis!
  • Gift certificates.
  • You can’t even imagine how many times people provide prepaid beauty salon services.
  • This gift is considered essential, universal, and often affordable. Offering this service will attract new customers to you.
  • Advertising in forums.
  • The female part of the Internet space spends a lot of time on forums. And trust the recommendations made there.
  • If your services are recommended in a popular community, expect an influx of new clients.
  • The main thing is not to order the writing of praise poems that have nothing to do with reality. Then you will only insure yourself a damaged reputation.
  • Social networks.
  • Developing a company without representation in social networks is almost impossible in the modern world.
  • For starters, you should create accounts on Facebook. The rest of the chains increase brand awareness but rarely significantly impact sales.

Project Services

To determine the necessary equipment, consumables, and personnel, you need to create a list of services that will be provided in the beauty salon in the business plan.

  1. Hair care: men’s and women’s hairstyles, hairstyles, wedding and evening hairstyles, hair care with special products and procedures.
  2. Nail Care: A full range of pedicure and manicure activities.
  3. Beauty services.
  4. Skincare: procedures using special cosmetics and massage. When expanding the list of services, this can include a solarium.

Salon staff

Organizing a beauty salon requires the following employees in the country:

  • Boss.
  • Responsibilities include: receiving orders, purchasing inventory, managing finances, and coordinating the work of other team members.
  • Hairstylist.
  • Since women’s haircuts are statistically more popular, it is necessary to designate two universal ladies for the women’s room and one for the men.
  • Massager.
  • Master’s degree in nail care.
  • In the first stage, one person is enough.
  • Later, the staff may expand.
  • Beautician, who also performs the duties of a make-up artist.

The staff at the opening time of the salon will be seven people, excluding the boss.

Beauty Salon Business Plan: Implementation

Project implementation schedule

With the help of the project implementation plan, scheduled for months, entrepreneurs can control the process of opening a salon on time.

For each stage, a responsible person is appointed, and a description of the necessary actions is given.

  1. The future owner of the salon registers as an entrepreneur draws up a state of emergency, and asks for a seal.
  2. The necessary work permits are also issued.
  3. The last component may take several months.
  4. Looking for a space for a beauty salon.
  5. This process can also take a long time because the lion’s share of success depends on the future location.
  6. So there is no need to rush.
  7. They found an invited team of specialists to repair buildings.
  8. You can decorate the interior yourself if the budget is limited and you have not yet managed to invite a designer.
  9. The search for employees for a beauty salon begins.
  10. Launching an advertising campaign that will continue throughout the salon’s existence and allocate a budget for it.
  11. The beauty salon is ready to open.

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