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A Quick Guide to Legal Translation Dubai and the UAE

Legal translation Dubai – Translating legal documents from Arabic to English, or vice versa, can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Especially if you don’t have any experience with the legal field or legal document translation before.

Fortunately, there are some basic tips that will make the process much easier to handle! Whether you’re working in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, or Sharjah.

This guide will help you understand the basics of how to legally translate documents within the UAE. So, that you can start your translation project off on the right foot.

What Is Translation?

The field of translation is an interesting one. It helps bridge cultures in a way that can’t be done with any other medium. Legal translation Dubai, for example, is a specialty service that utilizes knowledge of both languages to take written words in one language and turn them into readable text in another language.

This service can be utilized anywhere there are two distinct languages being spoken. A quick guide to legal translation Dubai & the UAE will help shed some light on this niche.

Why Do You Need a Translation Agency?

Translation agencies are a necessary part of any global business. If you need legal translation Dubai, there is no better resource than Legal Translations Dubai.

Legal Translation Dubai has been providing localization and language solutions for businesses all over the world for more than 20 years. Company provides professional translation services in many languages including Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish and much more!

They offer interpreting services as well as a range of other language solutions for international clients requiring legal translation Dubai. That understand the importance of reaching their target audience in their native tongue.

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What Types of Documents Are Translated?

Legal translation Dubai is a service that transcribes any kind of document from one language into another. And Legal translators are responsible for converting all types of legal documents, such as contracts, marriage certificates, wills, powers of attorney etc.

Legal translation is not just about formalizing something but also involves making it available in other languages too. That way people from other cultures can read or understand what is being said.

What Languages Do You Translate into Arabic?

Arabic is the national language of many countries in Asia, Northern Africa, and the Middle East. This makes it an extremely important language for legal translation in those regions.

The needs of Arab-speaking countries drive our work as a company. Their translators are fluent in English, which they can translate into Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Jordanian Arabic or Lebanese dialects of this language. They also provide expert German translations from English into Arabic.

It’s not just about translating text: Lawyers often need to translate technical terms and phrases from one language to another. So, sometimes They have clients who speak German or French who need legal translations from English into their native languages. We do not offer Dutch translations yet but will be happy to add that service if you would like us to start!

Different Stages of Translations.


To get a better understanding of your needs, ask yourself what you need translated? Documents, websites, manuals? What industry are you in? Who will use it? Where are they located? Having all this information will help when you present your project idea to a translator.

2. Translate

Depending on the size of your project or how complex the content is, translating can take anywhere from one day up to a few weeks (or more). You will often have different translators working simultaneously on different aspects of your project such as legal translation Dubai or technical translations.

So, that different aspects are taken care of faster and you don’t have any delays for things like publishing an eBook about building iPhone apps for example.

3. Proofread.

Once the translation has been completed, make sure you give it to someone who doesn’t know anything about the subject matter to proofread. And check if there are any mistakes that could potentially cause confusion down the line. Legal translation Dubai can be very tricky!

4. Formatting/Layout Changes.

If your final text contains elements other than just words (for example diagrams). Those will have to be recreated before being sent back for final proofreading;

5- Design Phase:

Once everything is finalized, they’ll work with you to design a cover page, introduction page and layout which complements your text.

How Do I Place an Order?

They have many ways you can place an order for legal translation Dubai. For example, you can complete a Quote Request form on our website, submit your request through email or phone us directly.

Once they receive your request, they will respond with a firm price estimate for your legal translation Dubai project within one business day. If you approve of their quote, they can move forward with start work on your legal translation Dubai project immediately.

Alternatively, if you have a larger document that needs translated into Arabic or other language in this region. They will also send an itemized quote to provide you with more information on how much it would cost before beginning any work at all!

How Can I Be Sure My Document Will Be Translated Correctly?

Translating a document accurately can be difficult because, even if two languages are similar enough for someone to do it. Translators might still use different terminology for words or phrases that have no equivalent in the target language.

So here are some tips on how you can make sure your document is translated properly:

  • Try not to use idioms from one language if you don’t know how they’re translated into another. If it’s important that your message remain unaltered, then you need to ask your translator ahead of time about such colloquialisms.
  • Be clear with what meaning you want for key phrases or items that may not have an obvious counterpart in the other language.

When Should I Submit My Documents to Be Translated?

As with all legal procedures, it is best to submit documents as soon as possible. The work ahead of you may seem daunting, but don’t worry—help is available.

First, contact Legal Translations Dubai and arrange a consultation appointment. So that they can answer any questions you may have and give you a list of their services.

During this meeting, they will also let you know how soon they can receive your documents for translation.

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