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9 valuable tips for a successful move

Between nostalgia for a bygone past and excitement of a future to be built, moving is one of those moments in life that we don’t forget! But this step is also stressful. So keep a cool head and follow these common-sense tips for a successful move.


Ready to organize your move and plan your move to another place full of promise? Whether you plan to move alone or with the help of moving professionals, discover our advice!

1 | Sort before moving

A move is an opportunity to sort through all the stuff you’ve accumulated over so many years. Clothes, linens, equipment, decorative objects, and toys for your grown-up children. Take the opportunity to give a second life to all your treasures. You can also sell your valuables on classified ad sites or at garage sales near you. Also, contact your city’s bulky waste department to find out how to remove your bulkiest out-of-use equipment.

2 | Do you supply cardboard

It is quite possible to buy packing boxes to prepare for your move, but you can also shop around in the local supermarkets, which frequently get rid of theirs. If you live in Liverpool, contact Britwrap Protective Solution. They provide helpful protective packaging products that are necessary for moving. Their moving and shipping supplies include everything you’ll need for your relocation or shipment, as well as the necessary packaging material for whatever activity you may need to complete. Their extensive range of products includes moving boxes, mattress bags, floor and rug protection, Anti Humidity Desiccants, Sofa covers, TV bags, and much more.

3 | Store essential personal items separately

But where did you put your toothbrush? To avoid having to search through your boxes when you have just moved in, remember to store your essential personal effects separately in a travel bag. Slip in your spare clothes, your toilet bag, your papers, your telephone, and everything you will need on D-Day. In a specific tray, you can also store toilet paper, garbage bags, kitchen equipment, and cleaning tools. Base to facilitate your installation.

4 | Accurately identify your moving boxes

“And this box, does it go in the kitchen or in the bedroom?” To avoid asking yourself too many questions on D-Day, take the time to mark your moving boxes full. You will indicate the contents and the room in which they should be stored. For more speed, you can also opt for a color code with the help of adhesive tapes, for example. Red for the bedroom, blue for the kitchen, and green for the living room.

5 | Change your address at least 15 days before your move

The task is tedious but necessary. After establishing a list of organizations and companies to forward your change of address, make sure to inform them at least two weeks before the D-Day. Banks, social security, taxes, employer, electricity company, gas and water, internet and telephone supplier, insurance, mutual insurance, press subscriptions… Be careful not to forget anyone. The Service Public site offers a tool to inform the main organizations of your change of address. You can also use a service provider.

6 | Choose a suitable moving truck if you are moving alone

If you have decided to move without the help of professionals, take the time to choose the most suitable moving truck for your situation. The dimensions of a truck are expressed in m3. The 7 to 10 m3 trucks can move a studio of around 30 m2, or around sixty boxes. But you will find trucks up to 22 m3, able to accommodate more than 80 boxes. As an indication, be aware that a double bed occupies approximately 1.2 m3. Count 0.7 m3 for a table or 0.3 m3 for a refrigerator, a dishwasher, or a washing machine.

7 | Hire experienced professionals

A move is never an easy task. Having recourse to qualified professionals makes it possible to pass this important stage more serenely by relying on proven know-how. This will save you time and allow you to concentrate on your installation.

Please note: calling on a professional mover does not exempt you from being present on D-Day to coordinate the move and guide the team.

8 | Prepare your children

Moving can be stressful for your children. Take the time to discuss your project with them, to listen to their fears, and comfort them. Do not hesitate to involve them and empower them to give meaning to this important step. In short, show them that they are fully part of this adventure that you are about to experience as a family.

9 | Meet your new neighbors

Getting to know the neighbors is one of the essential steps to quickly feeling comfortable in a new neighborhood. Take the time to visit those who live closest to you to introduce yourself. You can also meet your neighborhood merchants, who will certainly share with you all their good tips to make your daily life easier.

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