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7 Heart Attack Symptoms You Can’t Ignore

Heart patients have a lot to worry about. It’s not easy finding the best heart hospital in Delhi and getting treated for their condition, but there are some signs that everyone should be aware of if they’re experiencing any unusual symptoms such as shortness of breath or fatigue after exertion

Let’s take a look at these symptoms.


  • Chest Discomfort

Chest discomfort is one of the most important signs that your heart is at risk. This pain can signify angina or other severe conditions such as cardiac arrest and myocardial infarction (heart attack). If you experience chest discomfort, it’s best to seek medical attention immediately because ignoring this symptom could be fatal! The sooner treatment begins, the better chance for survival with critical damage caused by an event like a heart attack

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  • Pain which Spreads to the Arm

Pain in the arm is one of many symptoms that can indicate a heart attack. And it’s important to get treatment right away if you’re experiencing this pain or any other indication for which Medical attention needs to be sought immediately; so head on over BLK-Max Hospital, where they’ll take care of everything from diagnosis and treatment!

  • Throat or Jaw Pain

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This is a sign that your heart may be experiencing some stress and can also relate to coronary artery disease or where there’s not enough blood supply going the muscle of our hearts, which causes pain when they don’t receive what they need.

  • Snoring

Breathing through your mouth while sleeping could be the reason why you snore. For those who do so, it’s because this position narrows their airways and increases risk of developing dangerous conditions such as atherosclerosis or narrowing arteries due to plaque build up in later life which can lead towards high blood pressure (hypertension), CAD/stroke if left untreated for too long

An individual’s sleep patterns change dramatically each night – from deep relaxation at bedtime followed by REM cycles where dreams occur; then waking throughout most hours with little or no.

  • Swollen Ankles, Feet and Legs

Swollen ankles, feet and legs can be a sign that your body isn’t regulating its blood pressure correctly or it could mean other issues like fluid retention. If you see swelling in any area talk to doctor about what’s causing them so he/she will know how serious the situation really is! Make sure all health factors are considered before making any decisions regarding treatment options for this condition

  • Irregular Heart Beat

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Irregular heartbeat, also known as arrhythmia is when the heart beats too slow or fast. It can be caused due to many reasons including high blood pressure , atherosclerosis (plaque build-up on artery walls) blockage in arteries and diabetes mellitus . There are several types of irregularity with a person’s rhythm like at best cardiac hospitals such as Black Max Hospital Delhi you go through various tests for finding alterations without much difficulty .

  • Sweating

Sweating is a symptom of heart disease in most cases. It’s easy to tell if someone has sparked up because their sweat smells terrible and has an acidic pH, so you can certainly be on your guard when they’re sweating due other than the heat or exercise- but don’t worry! Be sure not miss out those sweet smelling perspired substances either; this could mean that there isn’t enough oxygen getting into one’s bloodstream from all the blood flow running through them (since sweaters have pores).


The symptoms listed above are not something to be ignored. If you notice any of the following signs, contact your doctor immediately and get diagnosed before it’s too late!


Taking medications can reduce your risk of a subsequent heart attack and help you feel better. Continue to take what your doctor prescribes, but know that if it’s not working for one week or more then get another opinion on the matter!

Lifestyle factors

It’s important to maintain a healthy weight and avoid smoking, drinking alcohol excessively or sitting around doing nothing when you can be making your own health better with exercise. Maintaining good cardiovascular habits such as eating the right foods and staying active will help keep your heart rate up so it doesn’t have time to think about stopping for an attack!

The Bottom Line

The symptoms listed above are not something to be ignored. If you notice any of the following signs, contact your doctor immediately and get diagnosed before it’s too late!

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