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7 Concepts for Utilizing Quick Response Codes in Advertising Campaigns

Even though QR codes have been available for more than ten years, a significant number of individuals do not understand what they are or how to make use of them. Even if you believe you already know how to make the most of QR codes in marketing campaigns, you should still take a look at the following seven examples to discover some new methods that will help you make the most of this tool, which is deceptively simple despite its potent capabilities.

1. Utilizing the Quick Response (QR) Code as a Form of Advertising

Your company can benefit greatly from utilising QR codes as a marketing tool. You can generate QR codes with information about your garments and put them on display in your clothing business. You can also customise the codes so that they are directly tied to the products. People who come across your code can use the cameras on their smartphones to scan it and learn more information about the product. If they determine that placing an order is what they want to do, it will make it possible for them to do so immediately.

2. One-Time Deals and Packages

Consider using QR codes for your company’s advertising needs if you wish to cut costs associated with that endeavour. They are easier to keep in mind than conventional print advertisements and coupons. They can provide customers with exclusive price reductions or point customers in the direction of a separate URL that contains information about a product or service. The Amata Agency is able to get you off to a strong start with a campaign that is deftly crafted and won’t blow your marketing budget.

3. Marketing at Commercial Exhibitions

One school of thought suggests that the primary advantage of using a QR code is that it improves and simplifies the information that is displayed on your tradeshow displays. You can provide them with an information sheet that contains all of the necessary details rather than having an employee stand next to the display and explain how your product functions. You may have one sheet where workers scan their codes to acquire precise information rather than having ten different pamphlets. Scanning the codes is an option for anyone who approaches with inquiries; however, they must do it voluntarily, since additional information will not be compelled upon them in any way.

4. Opinion Polls of Customers

Even if you are selling the best and most creative products and services on a worldwide scale, it is critical to have a solid understanding of what it is that clients actually desire. Customer satisfaction surveys are a useful tool in this regard. Ask a question on your website or a page that you maintain on a social media platform that can only be answered with a yes or a no. Take, for instance, the question, “Do you have an iPhone 6?” Are you curious about the XYZ product or service and want to find out more information? One of the better instances is provided by American Express, who not too long ago conducted a poll in which they asked individuals if they would spend $1 for a cup of coffee. They received some fascinating feedback, as well as dozens of videos showing customers paying for their coffee with dollar bills; all of this was done in exchange for free promotion. Try sending out postcards with brief surveys attached to them in addition to using surveys for online marketing initiatives. Of course, surveys are not limited to just being used for online marketing campaigns.

5. Events That Require Tickets

When most people think of QR codes, the first thing that comes to their minds is this application. Concerts and other events that need tickets present a fantastic chance for business owners to provide clients with additional payment options for the products they sell. When utilising a mobile device, it is simple and handy to swiftly scan your way through the queue and pick a seat without having to get out your wallet or hang about waiting at the box office. This can be accomplished in a rapid and efficient manner. Try selling concert tickets using coupons if you’re seeking for additional chances outside ticketed events. This will enable customers with mobile devices to obtain coupons via their phones (using any web browser). By scanning a particular code, they are granted either free entrance or a discount on the admission charge.

6. The Promotion of Business.

Building a following and encouraging connection with your business can be accomplished in a number of ways, one of which is by developing a mobile application that showcases your goods or services. You need to put in the effort to differentiate yourself from the other businesses in the industry because it is so simple for customers to lose interest. There are also situations in which a mobile application can serve as a suitable replacement for an outdated marketing tactic, such as the distribution of printed pamphlets. For instance, Kodak has developed a free application known as QR Code Finder that enables users to download promotional information by scanning barcodes that are printed on advertisements.

7. Conferences

Many businesses in the marketing industry as well as those who arrange conferences are beginning to take notice of QR codes. At the INBOUND Conference, for instance, QR codes were used to provide attendees with information about the event schedule and speakers, as well as to direct them to app downloads that would enable them to make use of mobile features such as voting in polls or responding to surveys while the sessions were in progress. Attendees of the conference who are interested in learning more about a speaker’s presentation can scan the code to gain access to a link that takes them to the appropriate page. Even the organisers of the conference can benefit greatly from using QR codes as a means of collecting feedback from the guests. The event organiser might invite attendees at each session or exhibit booth to provide feedback on how they feel things are going or whether there are any issues by posting a code with his email address and displaying it.

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