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6 Steps to Become a Global Amazon Seller

Amazon is among the biggest players in global eCommerce. In 2021, it has a revenue of $234 billion. The company also in the last year, revealed that it employs more than 500,000 people around the world.

What’s even more impressive is the speed at which that expansion. If you’re thinking about becoming a retailer with Amazon’s Marketplace, where can you start? What can you sell? What should you sell? And where do you sell?

In the end, one among Amazon’s USPs is the ease with which you are able to access its international marketplaces as well as more international buyers.

In this post, I’ve put together a comprehensive six-step guide for selling on Amazon that walks you through the most important aspects, from the items to offer to the best place to sell.

1: Find a good product to market

People who have had the experience will likely tell you it’s the single most crucial step to becoming an effective Amazon seller.

It is essential to select an item for which there is a high demand and that can be sold in reasonable quantities, and at a price that earns you an income.

A lot of categories of products available on Amazon are extremely competitive, and thus sales – and profits – aren’t guaranteed.

  • Do your research!
  • Do your sums
  • Take a look at the contestants
  • Find a distributor.

2: Open an Amazon Seller Account

After you’ve completed your product line and you’re now ready to sign up for the Amazon Seller account. Before you begin, however, it’s important to decide if you’ll be registering as a Professional Seller or an individual Seller.

The Amazon individual seller account is perfect for those who are just dipping their toes in the water or just hoping to sell a small number of lines in very small amounts.

3. List your items on Amazon

The kind of seller you’re and on the number of products you are selling, the best step to take when making products available on Amazon in order to sell them is to determine if you’ll upload products by hand or make use of the bulk upload option or feed software.

The process of adding the new item via Amazon Seller Central can be quite easy, particularly if are selling something already available on Amazon.

If you select the right category from Amazon’s already-defined choices and then the Amazon wizard will walk you through the process of creating your listing. You may even copy a current listing to serve as an initial point of departure.

4: How to select the best fulfillment: 

In the case of fulfillment, the main concern is whether to utilize FBA or not. in most cases, it’s likely to come down to whether or not you are planning to sell just a few lines or plan to grow into an extensive business.

This FBA service was created to enable smaller businesses to gain access to the resources and capabilities of Amazon’s logistics and warehousing teams, thus reducing huge upfront costs. It handles much of the heavy lifting (literally) to your benefit, however it clearly comes with a price.

Businesses that make use of FBA are responsible for listing their product categories on Amazon and making sure that the product is shipped at the Amazon distribution center. 

Amazon FBA takes care of storage, processing, picking, packing, shipping, and tracking. Learn more about Amazon FBA here.

5: Managing your inventory

Controlling stock levels sounds simple enough, but it is a matter of finding the right equilibrium between stocking up so that you do not have to run out, and having excess stock, which you may end up with or have to reduce in a way that is loss-making, can be a bit of a challenge.

This is especially challenging when you sell products across multiple platforms in the case of a retail site or you are selling offline as well.

6 International markets 

One of Amazon’s distinctive selling points is the size of its operation and, consequently the number of customers that it entices.

It is this kind of audience that draws thousands of Amazon sellers to begin selling outside of their home Amazon platform.

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