6 Evergreen Foliage Plants to Grow in Your Garden

Ornamenting your garden with evergreen foliage plants is a great way to create a visually appealing landscape. However, choosing the right foliage plants for your garden can be intimidating, considering the wide array of options you have. You need reliable plants that stay green throughout the year and delight you with their long-lasting leaves, such as the Thuja Plicata Martin plant.

We have listed the 6 best foliage plants you should grow in your garden.

Thuja Plicata Martin

Thuja Martin is a fast-growing plant that is suitable for a hedge. It is also called Western Red Cedar. It has glossy leaves that can be green or dark green. Moreover, when you rub the leaves of this plant between your fingers or something, it produces a pleasant fragrance. This plant can grow 40-60cm a year under optimal conditions. There are numerous benefits of growing this plant in your garden. It can work as a wonderful windbreak, and it is best suited for screening. Furthermore, this coniferous plant retains its evergreen color throughout the year. 

Boxwood Plants

These dense and evergreen shrubs are the favorites of many gardeners. Many people grow Boxwoods (Buxus) as foliage to have a formal and elegant landscape. Though it grows slow, it always stays green and can withstand shade. You can use boxwood as hedging as a privacy screen or focal point of your garden. However, make sure to plant it in the right spot as it needs a full or part sun location for optimum growth. Apart from watering and mulching, it doesn’t need high maintenance. But remember that it is sensitive to boxwood moths and boxwood caterpillars.  serdivan escort

Thuja Occidentalis

Another best evergreen foliage plant that you should grow in your garden is Thuja Occidentalis Golden Globe, which belongs to the Northern White Cedar family. This conifer plant has golden-yellow foliage, and it is easy to grow. Several gardeners use this plant in the landscape because of its compact size and striking appearance. This dwarf conifer forms a dense and rounded shape over the course of time. You can plant it into well-drained soil in full sun. When the plant is young, ensure to protect it from cold winds.  serdivan escort bayan


If you want to grow a plant with lush foliage and easy maintenance for your garden, hosts are the best choice for you. These hardy perennials produce lovely flowers during early summer. It is easy to grow, maintain and can give a stunning look to your garden. Moreover, these plants come in a variety of shades of green, including blue-green, emerald, avocado, chartreuse, and more. The shape, size, and texture of the leaf vary from plant to plant. Besides, you can create a consistent look for your hosta plants by clipping the flower stems as they begin to form.


This evergreen hedge plant is widely grown in Asia and Europe. Not only does it make an attractive hedge, but it also lasts longer. It has a variety of species, and Taxus Baccata is the most popular one. This plant can survive cold winters and is resistant to frost. These are needle-bearing shrubs and can grow about 4 feet tall. People often use these shrubs as foundation plants or hedges. However, you should know that the branches and berries of Yew plants contain poisonous alkaloids. When it comes to shaping, it is flexible, and you can give it different shapes and curves. This ornamental plant can withstand hard pruning.

Japanese Holly

Also known as Ilex Crenata, the Japanese holly is an evergreen shrub that looks quite similar to boxwoods. You can plant it in your garden as a lush hedge. It has glossy and rounded dark green leaves. It always remains green and fresh, even during winters. Usually, it blooms in May and June. This densely branched shrub is a better alternative to boxwood as it is resistant to boxwood moths. You can grow it in slightly moist soil but ensure the soil is not too wet. In addition, it is easier to prune and requires less maintenance.


So, if you are looking for beauty beyond flowers, these are the 6 best outdoor foliage plants that you should get for your garden. Having a beautiful looking garden is no more a distant dream. Buy these plants and get them planted instantly. These plants are not too expensive, and you can get them easily, even from online stores. escort bayan


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