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6 Coding Games to Improve and Upgrade Your Programming Skills in 2022

Programming is a profession that is in high demand by employers around the world. The world simply cannot have enough skilled developers, with all the new technologies emerging and start-ups being launched every day. The profession is very demanding, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali with high competition that forces you to keep learning and expanding your knowledge even if you are already a professional developer.

How to learn coding?

Of course, there are plenty of ways to learn to code, with hundreds of manuals, video lessons, and guides available. Practice is the best thing that will help you learn a new programming language or library. And this is where a lot of people often hit a snag: they have a lot of learning material, but seriously lack personal experience in using the theory.


There is a solution to these problems, which applies to learning code in general or improving knowledge of a specific language. It ‘s a coding game! Today we are going to make a list of the best coding games available.

#1.Code Gym


CodeGym is a fun programming course designed for users to learn and practice Java programming.


  • You can learn Java programming from scratch. Players don’t need to know coding in Java to start the game, so it is suitable for beginners.
  • The platform offers many examples and explanations to facilitate the learning process. If you don’t know how to accomplish one of the tasks, CodeGym provides all kinds of examples to help you find a solution.
  • It’s more than just a fun learning course. CodeGym is an exciting online game that features a real sci-fi plot, interesting characters, and lots of humor. All of this makes studying Java a fun and interesting process.
  • Android app. CodeGym has an Android app for learning on the go.


  • You may need additional study material to understand certain aspects of Java.
    What the puzzles give you sometimes isn’t enough, and you may need to start looking for additional information and tutorials. Fortunately, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you don’t need to look far. There are many documents on Java available online and on the platform itself.3

#2. Robo code

Java, .NET

In Robocode, you learn to program by controlling a tank that battles against other tanks, and practice writing code along the way.


  • Easy and quick to learn.
    Robocode is an old game (launched in 2000) with very detailed tutorials that explain all aspects of the game to you. Its mechanics are quite simple, so you won’t waste time before starting to play it.
  • It makes you write real code.
    In Robocode, you have to write your robot tank’s AI using a bunch of popular programming languages, including Java and C#. So you can practice your real, applicable coding skills every time you play.
  • It is an open-source game.
    Robocode is a completely open-source project, which means you can reuse it to do just about anything you want. Fans have been creating all kinds of mods and addons for Robocode for years.
  • You can use different programming languages ​​when playing.
    In Robocode, you can improve and learn a whole bunch of different programming languages, not just one particular language.


  • Simplistic design.
    As we have already mentioned, Robocode is an old game. And it has very simple graphics, design and interface. Nothing fancy here.
  • Difficult to uninstall.
    And if you want to remove Robocode from your computer, it might not be so easy to do. Robocode does not have an uninstall file. Instead, you’ll have to manually find the game’s directory (which can be tricky to do) and delete all the files there.

#3. Code wars

Clojure, C, C++, C#, Crystal, Dart, Elixir, F#, Go, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rust, Shell, SQL, Swift, TypeScript

Codewars is a gamified online platform with coding challenges where users can solve puzzles and compare their solutions.


  • You can compare your solutions with those of other player-programmers.
    Codewars allows you to compare your approach to a puzzle solution with other users. This helps to quickly find bugs in your code, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali as well as learn how the same problem can be solved from a totally different point of view.
  • The use of Codewars is free.


  • Requires some basic coding knowledge to get started.
    Codewars is not as beginner-friendly as, say, CodeGym. You need to learn some coding basics before you start using it.

#4. Codin Game

C, C++, C#, Clojure, Crystal, Dart, Java, Javascript, Groovy, Pascal, PHP, etc. Plus de 25 langages

Games to program and programming challenges to improve.

CodinGame is a set of arcade games, puzzles and solutions to problems. Programming can be done alone or in a group. Player-coders can also publish their programmer profile, allowing potential employers to possibly offer them real jobs! However, this environment is not made for beginners…


  • There is a wide variety of supported languages.
    Every programmer will find problems to solve in the many languages ​​available, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali from classic C, C++ to Groovy (Internet Of Things).


  • The problems are quite difficult and not suitable for beginner programmers.
    CodinGame is not for beginners who want to learn a language, it is more for fairly experienced programmers who want to improve the quality of their code. while continuing to have fun.

#5. Adventures of Vim


Vim Adventurers is a game to learn or improve your knowledge of Vim, the popular Unix text editor.


  • It’s a simple way to learn all the main concepts of Vim.
    By playing this game you will quickly learn all keybindings, main concepts and functions of Vim.
  • Useful for learning programming logic.
    Although Vim, strictly speaking, is not a coding language, knowing how to use it would help you a lot as a programmer.
  • Vim Adventurers is simply a fun and entertaining game.


  • Some users might get bored easily.
    Vim Adventurers is too simple which could make the game process boring quite quickly.

#6. Code Monkey

Coffee Script

Code Monkey is an online coding game primarily designed for elementary and middle school students with very limited or no coding knowledge, making it a good option for beginners.


  • Good for students who have no coding knowledge.
    Code Monkey is a great starting point for teaching kids and teens to code. And if it’s good for them, it’s good for any age.
  • Its coding language is similar to JavaScript.
    Using this language in Code Monkey makes it easier to learn JavaScript after playing.


  • The game is not as well suited for students studying at home.
    It often requires technical support and assistance. CodeMonkey is much better suited as an interactive classroom activity.


Learning by playing is not a new concept, and games are a proven approach to learning or improving a skill. And coding is no exception. There are many interesting coding games for all types of gamers. No matter what language you’re learning or your current level, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you can find the game to improve your coding skills while having fun.

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