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5 Best Blog Writing Services To Get Awesome Content


SEO writing should always be a part of the long-term marketing strategy for any online business, regardless of the industry. Why search engines? Quite possibly the most convincing argument lies in the numbers: on Google alone. There are over 5.6 billion search queries each day (which translates to a whopping 63,000 searches per second)! That is an over-the-top number of potential customers and a limitless source of site traffic.

To take advantage of the power and capability of this marvellous traffic source, your site, and its pages need to rank well on Google and other search engines. In this guide, we’re bringing you some of the most important tips for aligning your copywriting to SEO:

Start with keywords

Keywords are the building block of SEO content. In other words, you have to do keyword research in advance, before you even start SEO writing, to approach this marketing channel strategically and with a purpose.

You can use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner, browser extensions for SEO marketing to find out which keywords you should focus on. Every writer will see how competitive a particular keyword is, how many search queries it gets per month, as well as suggested keywords connected to the same theme.

You should plan to track down the brilliant mean among volume and competitiveness: the ideal situation would be to identify a keyword that has a massive search volume, but low competition.

Place your keywords in your domain address

referably, your primary target keyword would be included in the root of your website’s domain. Particularly like we’ve mentioned before, assuming you’re competing for a very sought-after keyword like “shop” or “fashion”, you’ll struggle landing a .com domain with that phrase.

As for your keywords in blog posts, articles and images, always remember to include them in your article’s URL. You can do this by editing the so-called slug, which is the URL address that focuses on that article (for instance,

Scatter your keyword in the title

The title to your copywriting pieces has two effects: firstly, it’s the first contact between the text and its audience which will decide if they need to keep continuing reading or not; furthermore, it’s a useful tool for ranking high on search engines.

Assuming that you use WordPress, you can use plugins like Yoast SEO to check whether your article title is SEO-friendly. Simply ensure you don’t overdo it or place a keyword in the title in a non-organic way.

Write unique & valuable content

The brilliant rule of copywriting is to give a captivating piece of content that will increase your readers’ engagement. To accomplish this, you need to invest a ton of time and effort into crafting top-notch texts for your website.

Check for readability and SEO-friendliness

At the point when you’re finished making your super wonderful content or you received a deliverable from a writer you hired for your site, it’s a chance to check whether it adjusts to every one of the guidelines of SEO-friendly writing.

Readability is yet another crucial factor that boosts success both among the audience and search engines. Google and other search engines incline toward content that has a high readability score, while for genuine people, texts with high readability are more enjoyable and easier to consume.

Add meta description

In SEO copywriting, we use meta descriptions to moreover draw in potential readers and customers. In addition to making your content more easily discoverable by search engines. Thinking about both of these things, meta descriptions should be focused on what search engines are looking for (keyword’s relevancy to the text, etc.) with an effort to write them with the reader in mind.

In WordPress, it’s exceptionally simple and advantageous to change the meta descriptions on your site, either through theme or element customization. In the event that you’re using another content management platform, you can search for answers to add meta descriptions to your content.

Work on building high-quality backlinks

Here is the place where for the most part the SEO copywriting story ends. To expand the capability of your site and increase its chances of landing among the first results on Google. You presently need to work on placing your content on high-authority websites.

Relevant backlinks from your industry are one of the most critical ingredients in the recipe. During their course of ranking results, search engines pay special attention to the authority of the domain, which directly translates to the number of backlinks that are highlighting it.

There are several ways to acquire backlinks. The fastest way is to pay for someone to include a link to your website on their blog or site, but there are also ways to build backlinks for free.


Wrapping Up

Achieving success with SEO can be a long journe. The key is to align your content with all of these above-listed rules and stay consistent and patient. If you invest enough time and effort into SEO copywriting, you will have a solid, stable source of traffic. That will attract new visitors to your site for years to come. You can also contact the experts in the industry for the best SEO content writing services.

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