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4 Valuable Packing tips for a relaxed move

Moving can cause a lot of stress, especially if you don’t prepare for the moving day properly. However, with good preparation and packing, you can ensure a relaxed moving day.

In this blog, we discuss the 4 best packing tips for when you move. So how should you pack for a move? What options are there to make a move even easier?

Good preparation is half the job. Our moving tips reduce the chance of a stressful moving period.

1.      Provide a checklist and a moving budget

Make a moving checklist with a timeline as early as possible. Whether you have three months or a week, a timeline helps you organize all the actions you need to take. For example, packing is often the most work of the entire move. By making a checklist and a timeline, you can pack relaxed.

If you have the time, we recommend that you don’t plan too tightly – some things take longer than you expect. Take your time if you have it.

Not everyone thinks of a moving budget. However, this can provide a lot of peace of mind. You don’t want to buy everything on the spec, only to find out later that you’ve spent much more than expected.

The same goes for moving boxes: don’t buy the cheapest boxes. Cheap is expensive; you then have a good chance that they will not be able to hold the weight or sag quickly. On the other hand, you don’t have to buy the most expensive boxes either. To save money, it’s best to start looking around for an offer well in advance.

Calculate what you need and approximately how much it will cost. For example, if you need to rent equipment or hire professional movers, take the time to research prices.

2.      Start packing moving boxes on time

You can start packing times in advance. For example, start with your winter clothes, or pack the guest room. Make sure you don’t put too many heavy items in one box. And mark fragile items (and valuables) with stickers so that you know what is vulnerable during the move and must therefore be on top of the pile.

Arrange protective packaging material which you need during packing. To buy these materials online, you can visit Britwrap. They have a wide range of packing materials such as TV covers, rug storage bags, mattress moving covers, chilled packaging boxes, ice packs, etc.

Try to pack as much per room as possible. If you move to your new address, you can put the right moving boxes in every room. That saves drag! Be a little flexible here: a box half filled with books can be filled with a pillow. Half-empty boxes are a shame.

Also, remember to put light things on top of the moving boxes. And are there things you need sooner? Make sure you don’t put it at the bottom of a box.

Create a spacious packing station in your current home. You need a large open space where you can drag and drop, repack, label, etc.

This is where you use your boxes, packing materials, pens, tape, and labels.

3.      Consider professional movers

Don’t feel like driving up and down with the car all the time? Do you find it exciting to drive a van yourself? Or do you still have a lot to do in your new home and don’t have that much time?

A good moving company has all the moving materials with them. A bus, moving blankets, or a stairlift – you don’t have to worry about anything anymore.

Your belongings will be delivered quickly and safely to your new home. And if you do good research, it doesn’t have to be that pricey. Decide in advance exactly what you want to have done. With a bit of luck, the company has additional services, such as packing assistance.

Book a moving service as early as possible. The same applies to, for example, a cleaner or a painter. This way, you avoid that they are already fully booked.

4.      Keep important papers separate

Make sure you keep important papers with you. The last thing you want is to lose a policy or important letter. It is also best to keep employment contracts and relocation contracts with you.

Technically, this is not a packing tip, but it is very important: let important authorities know that you are moving. This includes your TV and internet provider, energy supplier, but also tax authorities, health insurer, and your work. You don’t want official documents sent to your old address.

How do you prevent this? By making a checklist in advance with organizations that you should call or email. This way, you can be sure you don’t forget any instance.

I hope these moving advice recommendations were helpful. Click here to read more beneficial articles.


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