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12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips

Best Twitter Ads Management Services Agency is a great social network for growing your business, but things are changing very quickly on the platform.

More than 7,000 tweets are sent around the world every second, and the average lifetime of a tweet is estimated to be around 18 minutes, which is roughly four times shorter than anything you post on Facebook.

This makes it difficult to stand out and make your posts have an impact on Twitter.

This is why your Twitter marketing techniques and strategies must be effective in getting users to notice you.

But it’s not easy to know exactly what best practices and strategies to adopt.

So here are 12 proven tips for your Twitter marketing strategy.

1- Choose an effective nickname and profile picture

Your Twitter handles or handle should be recognizable, easy to remember, and short enough for people to easily tag you.

When someone searches for your Twitter account, they use your ID to find your page.

Keep your different social media IDs consistent across all your social media profiles, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, otherwise, you risk confusing your followers and making your page hard to find.

If you’re starting to market with Twitter, choose a Twitter to handle that’s as close to your brand name as possible.

With a short Twitter handle, you’ll be more likely to get mentions from other users and brands.

Platform users are less likely to mention companies that have long names for their Twitter accounts due to the character limit imposed on each tweet.

Then, it is imperative that your profile photo is recognizable and striking. Keep in mind that your potential customers will interact more with your Twitter account than with your physical store.

Most companies logically choose their logo, which boosts their brand awareness.

2- Optimize your bio to showcase your brand personality

Your Twitter bio provides minimal space — 160 characters — just below your profile picture to showcase your business. It is an essential element for the success of your marketing strategy on the social network.

Here’s what to consider when writing your biography:

Be specific about your brand and business description
Incorporate a good dose of humor and don’t be afraid to tell something original
If your company has great achievements and results to its credit, let it be known
Write a bio that will attract people who match your target audience
Add relevant hashtags so people can find your account when they search for those terms
Be sure to put the URL of your website, online store or e-commerce platform and a link to your other social media accounts

3- add images to your tweets to increase retweets

When you add images to your tweets, you get more shares and clicks than tweets without images.

Tweets that include images typically receive nearly 90% more likes.

Be sure to add only relevant, high-quality images, though.

Never use an image that doesn’t relate to your tweet just to add an image.

If you’re tweeting about a recent blog post, add an image of the post with a link that directs your users to your blog page where they can find more information.

Ditto if you want to tweet about a new product or service, always include an image.

4— Use the video for even more engagement

If images attract more attention than text, videos outperform images and photos.

Just add a branded video to your tweets to grab more attention.

Videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos and three times more likely to be retweeted than GIFs.

Video support is a great way to share news about your brand with your followers, share content, and extend the life of your tweets.

5- Tweet at peak times

There are certain days of the week and certain times of day when people are more active on Twitter and therefore more likely to engage with your posts.

By identifying these times and days, you’ll get more impressions, increase engagement with your content, and get more clicks on your website.

Peak times for your posts will depend on your specific audience, so test how your content performs at different times of the day and week to find out what works best.

Once you know the best times and days to post, use scheduling tools and software like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts in advance for peak times.

6- Be careful how you use hashtags

Recent studies have shown that tweets that contain hashtags receive 2x more engagement than those without.

But tweets with more than two hashtags receive an almost 20% drop in engagement.

It is therefore important to use the right type of hashtags, without overusing them.

With Twitter Analytics, you can easily find the most popular hashtags.

You can also use a tool like Hashtagify to find the best hashtags before you tweet. It suggests hashtags related to the keywords you enter.

7- Use the advanced search functions on Twitter

With Twitter’s advanced search, it’s possible to quickly find people interested in your services or products and understand exactly what people are saying about your brand.

By searching for terms specific to your industry, you will more easily find potential customers.

For example, if you work in computer support, search for terms like “computer troubleshooting” or “computer crash” in your area.

You’re pretty sure to find at least one tweet from someone looking for such service in your area, or someone who’s had a customer service issue with another troubleshooting company.

Advanced searches find new leads in just a few clicks, and all you have to do is contact them.

8- Offer polls to interact with your subscribers

One of the simple and effective ways to create more activity on your Twitter page is to offer polls to your followers.

When you create a new tweet, just click on the “poll” icon at the bottom of the screen, and add your question and answer choices.

Polls aren’t just fun for your subscribers. They can also be used to conduct market research and gain valuable feedback from your followers.

Anyone can create a poll, but finding relevant and engaging questions takes a bit of thought.

9- Use creative CTAs

Behind your marketing action on Twitter, there are several objectives like generating leads, increasing clicks, stimulating sales, etc.

To achieve these results, creating relevant content is not enough, you must add a powerful Call-to-Action to your tweets.

You probably already use CTAs to ask people to share your posts, but you can also use others in your Twitter profile, like these:

  • Follow our Twitter account
  • Visit our website
  • Download our white paper here
  • Learn more here etc

10- Collaborate with influencers to boost your visibility

The first step is to identify the influencers available within your specific industry.

First, look at the influencers you’ve interacted with before. Some may have already liked or replied to some of your tweets.

Then watch their profiles, and how well their posts match your brand message.

If they’re a good fit, send them a DM asking them to collaborate with your business on Twitter.

11- Harness the Power of Twitter Ads

When you need to increase your number of followers or their level of engagement quickly on Best Twitter Ads Management Services Agency, the advertising possibilities offered by the social network can be extremely useful.

Twitter ads, or Twitter Ads, are a bit more expensive than Facebook ads, but they can boost engagement in the perfect way when you need them most.

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets remain the best option for this purpose.

There are also Conversational Ads, which are designed purely to drive engagement and increase brand influence.

These ads are very similar to Promoted Tweets, but they allow you to add CTAs.

Conversational Ads are powerful because they can boost all organic posts directly related to your brand.

12- Test your post titles on Twitter

Best Twitter Ads Management Services Agency is the best social network to test the titles of your posts, because on this platform the visual elements are not as important as with Facebook, for example.

After you publish an article, use a tool like Tweriod to find out when your followers are online.

Then tweet three to five different headlines with trackable links during peak hours.

To track the performance of each link, do an A/B test with a tool like Optimizely.

You can then compare these results to those you can see on Twitter.

By using two different test sources, you will have a clearer idea of ​​the top-performing headlines for your posts.


Best Twitter Ads Management Services Agency is one of the best social networks if you want to increase your brand awareness and generate new leads, and by following all the tips in this article, you have a solid foundation to implement a winning marketing strategy on the platform. But be careful, because things move faster on Twitter than on other social media.

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