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10 Underwater Tourist Destination To Explore In Australia

Exploring the oceans is a whole another level of experience. While exploring the sea, you can see many places you didn’t know existed. The ocean is a source of life for many plants. During the exploration of oceans, we don’t know what we might find that could benefit our future and environment. Even after so many years of exploration, there is still so much more to discover. In addition, being around water makes humans calmer and more creative individuals. This is backed by recent studies that the people who live nearby ocean lead a less stressful and healthier life in comparison to those who live far. So while enjoying underwater exploration, it can come to your benefit and should take all your chances and go for it.

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1. Great Barrier Reef (Queensland):

It’s known for its 3000 individual reefs, coral cays, and several attractive tropical islands. It’s also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Moreover, it’s even more gigantic than the Great Wall of China. It is composed of microorganisms, which are the most extensive in the world. Furthermore, it consists of 600 types of coral reefs. The species of living organisms are 2000 fish, 500 seaweed, 4000 mollusks and 380 species.

2. SS Yongala Wreck:

Here underwater, you can see the Steam Ship Yongala that sunk into the sea because of a cyclone in 1911. Looking at the wreck is a fantastic experience one must not skip. Moreover, you have to dive 14-28 meters deep to see this wonder which was found in 1958. So it’s been 100 years that it has been in the sea, and today hosts a variety of sea creatures into it. More specifically, it’s famous for evocative soft coral and the inhabitances of olive sea snakes. So when you go there, I’m sure it will be an unforgettable experience for you.

3. Rowley Shoals:

Rowley Shoals is one of a kind. They are three ring-shaped reefs that are located 186 miles off the coast of Western Australia. People also know it for its strong tidal flow that creates thrilling drift dives. Moreover, they are only available to visit for a short period in the year closer to October. So if you plan to visit this fascinating wonder, it’s better to prepare beforehand.

4. Christmas Island:

Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean, which lies in between azure waters. While exploring, you will find distinctive annual red crabs, rare species of birds and, most important, magnificent deserted beaches. This island will present to you a fusion of cultures along with its rich history surfacing at a place. Where you will find different elements of nature that genuinely enhances the experience.

The reefs in the oceans go down more than 1000 meters. Furthermore, you will find various species, such as whales, spinners, dolphins, mantas, eagle rays and reef sharks.

5. Port Lincoln:

Port Lincoln is not only a good place for sea adventures but a gem for sightseers as well. It offers multiple kinds of activities boating, driving, fishing, swimming, and bird and whale watching. Here you get to go on a cruise trip to take a closer look at the whales. Moreover, you can meet one of the rare and now endangered Australian Sea Lions while diving. The best is being close up with the sharks through a cage.

This is going to help you see how peaceful these animals are from the close and face your fears as well. Finally, at the national parks, you get to meet tons of animals and get to feed them.

6. North and South Solitary Islands:

It is a place with many rocky islands present in the form of a cluster that is off the Coffs Harbour. In the north and south islands, you will see different species there due to the East Australia Current. You will be able to see Grey nurse sharks and wobbegongs. During your swim on top of the seabed that is filled with vibrant corals and anemones.

7. Fish Rock Cave:

It covers around 125 meters running right through Fish Rock, which is the home to an entirely different ecosystem. Moreover, the temperature inside the cave is always one degree warmer than the rest of the ocean, and the waters are clearer too. This makes it a perfect ground for exploring underwater life. It’s a naturally lit cave with pink Gorgonian corals on the edge. Its entrance is at a depth of 24 meters, where you can find black cod, black rays, enormous wobbegong sharks and cuttlefish.

8. Ningaloo Reef

It consists of 260 kilometres longer area. With marine life including turtles, menta rays and sharks. Moreover. If you will travel there between June to November you might even find Humpback whales. Furthermore, it is listed as Australia’s largest fringing reef, which is also the largest reef found on Earth. In addition, you don’t have to do much get to it just wear a snorkel and mask to get a taste of this vibrant reef. You can also enjoy the experience of going swimming with these whale sharks.

There are more than 500 tropical fish species found in this area. This area is not only known for underwater diving, along with, underwater experiences there is Cape Range National Park filled with red rock canyons and camping experience under the stars.

9. Lord Howe Island:

This is the place for a true acqvantic lover and you must take advantage of this. Here you will encounter the meeting point of five major ocean currents. Moreover, this is the place with 100, species of coral and 500 fish species. At once only 400 tourists are permit on this island. You will find Vip treatment here including spas, incredible food and wine. Along with exploring the outstanding natural landscape.

Furthermore, the volcanoes present on this island are 7,000,000 years ago, which also makes it a World Heritage Site.

10. Portsea Pier

Portsea Pier consists of all the miniature Sea life, which is just an adorable experience. Here you can find Species of shrimps and leafy sea Dragons. It’s located in the Land of Far Western Tip of the Mornington Peninsula. Moreover, you will also find puffer fish, various species of octopus, sea horses and strange goblin fish that you can only find in these southern waters.


This blog is about the Top underwater tourist destination to explore in Australia. Further in this blog, many destinations have been discussed that sea explorers can visit to have the experience of a lifetime. The destinations are Great Barrier Reef (Queensland), SS Yongala Wreck, Rowley Shoals, Christmas Island, Port Lincoln, Fish Rock Cave, Ningaloo Reef, Lord Howe Island and Portsea Pier. Moreover these are the best places to go for underwater diving and to know about the life beyond our site. While researchers are always exploring new places to explore as they are looking for ways to enhance the life of humans. Many divers around the world also uncover many hidden treasures in their dives.


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