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10 Benefits of Outdoor Lighted Signs for Your Business

Outdoor signs can make or break your business, since they’re often the first and last impression that you leave with potential customers, so it’s essential that they look great and promote your brand effectively. Fortunately, sign companies in Chicago can help you with all of that while still fitting within your budget. These are just some of the benefits of outdoor lighted signs Chicago businesses can enjoy if they work with a sign company in Chicago to create their custom signs.

1) Keep Your Customers Safe

Outdoor lighted signs are a great way to keep your customers safe, especially at night. They can tell them where they’re going, help them find a nearby business (or emergency contact information), and brighten up an otherwise dark area. Whether you have just one sign or several across your storefronts, these benefits will be sure to make an impact.

If you want to ensure that your customers are safe as they leave your business, lighted signs can do just that. Even if you’re in a popular and well-lit area, it can be difficult to see from far away or at night. By keeping a light on where your sign is placed, you can make sure that everyone will know where to go when they leave your business.

2) Reach Drivers in Rural Locations

One problem small business face is reaching their audience. There simply aren’t enough people in these rural communities to support their stores, restaurants, and other local businesses. Because many people travel outside of urban areas for work or pleasure, an outdoor sign is a great way to catch your audience’s attention as they drive past your business. When you advertise on an outdoor sign, you can reach a large number of potential customers in locations where there are few local options.

3) Increase Brand Awareness

Outdoor LED signs are a highly effective and cost-efficient way to increase brand awareness. Consider that each person who drives past your sign will see it at least six times per day, on average, which equates to 3,000 impressions per month! That’s more than enough for your message to sink in. This impression frequency is much higher than most traditional marketing techniques can offer you. After all, how many times do people look at your business card? Or walk by your storefront?

4) Increase Sales

Outdoor signs are a fantastic way to grab attention and draw in new customers. The extra exposure leads to more foot traffic, which translates into more sales at your business. In fact, outdoor signs have been proven effective at helping businesses increase their sales. According to research from Sign Company Chicago, outdoor signs can result in a 35 percent increase in new patrons and $3,000 in additional revenue each year per location. It’s an amazing return on investment!

5) Reduce Crime

Bored, stressed-out teens looking to make a quick buck or too much free time on their hands have historically been one of advertising’s greatest challenges. Many security experts say that outdoor signs attract wandering eyes and can lead to crime and vandalism. Make sure you avoid issues with teens and signs by investing in Outdoor Lighted Signs Chicago. These signs keep kids occupied without attracting vandals by projecting images on nearby buildings and vehicles.

With Outdoor Lighted Signs Chicago, you don’t have to worry about teens damaging your property. Rather than having bored, angry teens wandering around outside your storefronts and getting into trouble, you can rest assured that they’re seeing safe images from inside their homes or wherever they happen to be located.

6) Make More Money from Parking Tickets

Parking tickets are all too common and they can add up to thousands of dollars over time. But in Chicago there’s a way you can save money on them. While you should always follow parking laws and avoid getting a ticket in general. Outdoor lighted sign with your company name on it could make it easy for people to find your location, whether it’s in their car or by foot.

7) Increase Building Security

Outdoor lighted signs allow building security to better spot suspicious behavior at night, which increases safety and lowers insurance costs. Outdoor lighting also serves as a deterrent to crime—outdoor signs are just another visual reminder that your business is secure. If a would-be criminal knows there’s an attentive security system in place. He’s less likely to steal from or vandalize your property.

The most obvious benefit of outdoor lighted signs is that they help your business remain visible to customers, attracting more foot traffic. Building security may be important, but visibility is essential. Your brand needs to get noticed if you want to stay profitable and retain loyal customers. The best way to achieve visibility is through effective outdoor signage. Stands out from competitors’ offerings—and helps your company stand out from its rivals in other ways, too.

8) Dramatically Improve Employee Safety

Accidents can be extremely costly. Not only do they result in damage to your property, but they are also a potential safety hazard that could harm your employees and customers. The solution? Place outdoor lighted signs around your business’s property. This will dramatically improve employee safety by making sure people can see where they’re going at night or during an emergency situation.

9) Reduce Burglaries and Vandalism

By making your business more visible at night and day, you can help deter would-be criminals from targeting your property. Outdoor lighted signs can also help increase foot traffic—perhaps luring curious passersby in to your store during off hours. The more people who come into your business and see what you have to offer. The more likely they are to buy something! Plus, any increase in revenue will have a direct effect on your bottom line.

10) Showcase Customer Satisfaction

Outdoor lighted signs by Sign Company In Chicago are a great way to showcase customer satisfaction. When you place your light signs outdoors, passersby can see them and take in your business’s marketing messages. Outdoor signage is a great way to catch attention, so when you see that potential customers are walking. Taking note of your light signs, it shows that they’re interested in what you have to offer. Encourage others to spread word about your company by reaching out to local newspapers and websites.

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